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Enlisted Major Update and the Tunisia OBT

Dear players, we are coming to a major milestone in the history of Enlisted. This update is numbered 0.2.0, meaning that now - Enlisted really becomes something new. 

All players will now have access to new mechanics: dynamic trenches, smoke artillery, weapon transfer between campaigns, personal orders in battle, new transport options and an entirely new game mode! 

Also, today is the day where we have released full free access to all four campaigns promised when the Enlisted project began years ago. Battle for Moscow, Invasion of Normandy, Battle of Berlin and The Battle of Tunisia are here, and they are only the beginning of our journey through the battles of WWII. 

We will continue to add content to every Enlisted campaign, filling the game with new soldiers, weapons, locations, missions and game modes, bringing you new experiences and emotions.  

Let’s move on, friends!

Tunisia Open Beta

The fourth Enlisted campaign is now fully open to all players with no limitations! Unlock new levels and kit out your army - and make sure to stay tuned for new content planned for the future! We promise - there’s a lot more to come.

Players who have reached high levels in previous campaigns will receive an experience bonus in Tunisia:

  • Having level 20 in any campaign — 20% XP bonus.
  • Having level 26 in any campaign — 50% XP bonus.

This bonus will be granted after your first login to the game after the update and will last for a full week.

Oh, and now you can also unlock and upgrade several new motorcycle squads in the campaign!

New premium squads

Also, we have a large new addition to the ranks of our premium squads in all campaigns! Open the in-game Logistics window to meet new soldiers, weapons, tanks and aircraft that earn 100% more experience in battles!

New location: Fortress

The Tunisia campaign is growing fast, and today we can present a new location to fight for, already in the game in the Invasion mode.

Storm the walls and direct the flow of combat on your terms. 

This update also brings new locations to other campaigns, such as the Omer City in Normandy and the Quarry in Moscow.

New game mode “Destruction”

In this new game mode you don’t need to occupy any strategic points, and must instead destroy strategic objects! You can try this new game mode in Al-Har and Al Jabal Farm missions in the Tunisia campaign.

New Battle Pass season

In the new Battle Pass season we’ve added new exclusive rewards! See below:

Pavesi M42 (Battle of Tunisia, Axis)

Just imagine a semi-auto rifle with a shot more powerful than most bolt-actions! Greet the  Pavesi M42 and its ability to comfortably take down almost any enemy in a single hit. It’s power is slightly limited however with only a 6-round magazine.

Mkb 35 (Battle of Berlin, Germany)

Another very impressive experimental carbine utilizing intermediary ammo - 7.75x39mm, bringing it closer in power to full size semi-auto rifles, but much easier to control and with full auto mode.

Handheld mortar (PMH-50) (Battle of Berlin, USSR)

A very unusual weapon! This mortar allows for direct fire with 50mm grenades. A great, versatile addition for any assault squad on the streets of Berlin, where you can reliably take out enemies trying to ambush you behind windows and other improvised cover.

Vehicles for Golden Orders

8 new vehicle models in different campaigns are available! All with 5-star modifications and with a unique historical camo. Check them out yourself in the Logistics menu!

See full 0.2.0 update changelog



  • Added “Destruction” game mode where the attacking side needs to mine and demolish key target objects and defenders - prevent it and defuse the bombs. The game mode is introduced with two new Tunisia missions: Al-Har (Destruction) and Al Jabal Farm  (Destruction). 
  • New mission Fortress (Invasion) with different attack routes for Tunisia campaign.
  • Added mission The Kroll Opera House (Assault) in the Battle for Berlin.
  • Added mission Omer (Invasion) for the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added mission Quarry (Invasion) with different attack routes in the Battle for Moscow campaign. 
  • Added new versions of missions: The Maisky Forestry (Invasion),Fortified district (Invasion), Beloe Lake (Invasion), Pokrovskoe City (Assault), Manor (Assault), Vysokovo Village (Assault), where the USSR army attacks in the Battle for Moscow campaign.

New Campaign levels and premium squads

Battle of Tunisia: allies

  • Level 16. Spitfire Mk.Vb/trop. fighter
  • Level 17. Flamethrower squad with a starting set of 1 flamethrower with M1 and 3 riflemen. (1st Infantry Division, 18th Infantry Regiment).
  • Level 18. Tank squad II with 1 tanker II and 2 tankers on medium Mk I "Grant" tank (21st Tank Brigade,48th Royal Tank Regiment).
  • Level 19. Bren Mk I machine gun
  • Level 20. Infantry squad II with one 1 rifleman II and 4 regular riflemen. armed with SMLE Mk III with a grenade launcher (46th Infantry Division, 46th Battalion)
  • Level 21. Motorcycle squad with 2 motorcyclists on WLA  bike (1st Armored Division, 81st Armored Reconnaissance Squadron)
  • Level 22. Assault squad II with 1 assaulter II and 3 riflemen. Assaulter armed with M1 Thompson (4th Infantry Division,10th Infantry Brigade)
  • Level 23. PIAT rocket launcher
  • Level 24. Fighter pilot II on P-38E fighter (1st Fighter Group, 71st Fighter Squadron)
  • Level 25. Engineer squad II with 1 engineer II and 3 riflemen. Engineer is armed with M1 Garand (34th Infantry Division, 109th Engineer Regiment)
  • Level 26. Thompson M21/28 SMG (box mag).
  • Premium assault squad with 4 assaulters armed with Sten Mk III SMG (7th Armoured Division,131st Infantry Brigade)
  • Premium light tank A13 Mk.II 1939 with 4 tankers (25th Tank Brigade, 51st Royal Tank Regiment)

Battle of Tunisia: axis

  • Level 16. Fighter Fw 190 A-1
  • level 17. Flamethrower squad with 1 flamethrower armed with Flammenwerfer 35 and 3 riflemen. (21st Panzer Division
  • 220th Pioneer Battalion)
  • Level 18. Tanker squad II with 1 tanker II and 2 tankers on 75/32 M41 artillery (131st Armoured Division 15th, Armoured Battalion)
  • Level 19. ZB-26 machine gun
  • Level 20. Rifleman II squad with 1 rifleman II and 4 riflemen armed with Kar98k with "Schiessbecher" grenade thrower 164th Infantry Division, 433rd Infantry Regiment)
  • Level 21. Motorcycle squad with 2 motorcyclists on R 75 bike (10th Panzer Division 10th Motorcycle Battalion).
  • Level 22. Assault squad II with 1 assaulter II and 3 riflemen. Assaulter is armed with OVP M1918 (1st Infantry Division,92nd Infantry Regiment)
  • Level 23. GrB-39 AT rifle
  • Level 24.  Fighter pilot II on C. 202EC fighter (334th Infantry Division, 334th Engineer Battalion).
  • Level 25. Engineers II with 1 engineer II and 3 riflemen. Engineer is armed with Gewehr 41 (334th Infantry Division, 334th Engineer Battalion).
  • Level 26. Beretta M38/42 SMG.
  • Premium assault squad with 4 assaulters armed with FNAB-43 SMGs (136th Armoured Division 8th, Bersaglieri Regiment).
  • Premium light tank M13/40 (III) with 4 tankers (31st Tank Infantry Regiment, XIV Tank Battalion "M").

Battle for Moscow: USSR

  • Level 30. Assault squad III with 1 assaulter III and 3 riflemen. Assaulter is armed with PPSH-41 (53rd Infantry Division, 223rd Infantry Regiment).
  • Level 31. Sniper squad III with 1 sniper III and 2 riflemen. The sniper is armed with an AVS-36 sniper rifle (246th Infantry Division,326th Reconnaissance Regiment).
  • Level 36. MiG-3-15 fighter.
  • Premium squad of 9 riflemen armed with semi-auto AKT-40 rifles (50th Infantry Division,359th Infantry Regiment).
  • Premium medium tank Valentine I with 3 tankers (5th Army,136th Tank Battalion).

Battle for Moscow: Germany

  • Level 30. Assaulter squad III with 1 assaulter III and 3 riflemen. Assaulter armed with Beretta M38 (161st Infantry Division, 364th Infantry Regiment).
  • Level 31. Sniper squad III with 1 sniper III and 2 riflemen. Sniper is armed with sniper carbine MKb 42(H) (86th Infantry Division, 216th Infantry Regiment).
  • Level 32. Bf.109 F-2 fighter.
  • Premium squad with 9 riflemen armed with Gewehr 41 (M) semi-auto rifles (252nd Infantry Division,452nd Infantry Regiment).
  • Premium medium tank Pz.IV E with 5 tankers (6th Panzer Division,11th Panzer Regiment).

Invasion of Normandy: USA

  • Level 30.  М1 Bazooka rocket launcher.
  • Level 31. Tanker squad III with 1 tanker III and two tankers on M10 GMC SPG (2nd Armored Division, 66th armor regiment).
  • Level 32. Assaulter squad III with 1 assaulter III and 3 riflemen. Assaulter armed with  M1 Thompson SMG (28th infantry division,109th Infantry Regiment).
  • Premium assault squad with 4 assaulters armed with M50 Reising SMGs (101st Airborne Division, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment).
  • Premium medium tank M4A3E2 Jumbo with 5 tankers (4th Armored Division,37th Tank Battalion).

Invasion of Normandy: Germany

  • Level 30. Panzerfaust 60 rocket launcher.
  • Level 31. Tanker squad III with 1 tanker III and 2 tankers on medium   Panther A tank (2nd Panzer Division, 3rd Panzer Regiment).
  • Level 32. Assaulter III squad with 1 assaulter III and 3 riflemen. Assaulter is armed with MP 43/1 SMG (91st infantry division,1058th Grenadier Regiment).
  • Premium assault squad with 4 assaulters armed with Erma EMP SMGs (16th Field Division,46th Jager Regiment).
  • Premium Bf 109 G-10 fighter with fighter pilot (Jagdgeschwader 26, III./JG26).

Battle of Berlin: USSR

  • Level 27. Flamethrower squad II with 1 flamethrower II and 2 riflemen. Flamethrower equipped: ROKS-3 (121st Guards Infantry Division, 342nd Guards Infantry Regiment).
  • Level 28. Fighter Il-10.
  • Level 29. Radio squad II with 1 radio operator II and 2 riflemen. Radio operator armed with AVT-40 (222nd Infantry Division, 602nd Communications Battalion).
  • Premium medium tank T-34-85E with 5 tankers (11th Tank Division, 20th Tank Brigade).

Battle of Berlin: Germany

  • Level 27. Flamethrower squad II with 1 flamethrower II and 3 riflemen. Equipment: Flammenwerfer 41 (33rd Grenadier Division, 58th Grenadier Regiment).
  • Level 28. Fw 190 D-12 fighter.
  • Level 29.  Radio squad II with 1 radio operator II and 2 riflemen. Radio operator armed with FG 42 II auto rifle (275th Infantry Division, 985th Grenadier Regiment).
  • Premium medium tank Pz.Bef.Wg.IV J with 5 tankers (10th Panzer Division, 10th Panzer Regiment).


Added functionality and interface of personal orders to soldiers in your squad:

  • Introduced a button to switch mode of giving orders: to all or personally. The interface of personal orders is displayed only when the appropriate mode is enabled (the default button "K" on PC).
  • When the Personal Orders mode is enabled, the soldier selected to give an order in the battle interface is marked with an arrow marker.
  • The point that the soldier must occupy when giving the corresponding personal order is also marked with a marker.
  • Similar to general orders, when cancelling a personal order, the player displays a corresponding message.
  • The personal order will be canceled if the player was too far away from the soldier, or if the soldiers were out of the combat zone.


  • Reduced the accuracy of the first shot of small arms. The maximum bullet deflection angle has been increased, so that the differences in accuracy of weapons can be felt at real battle distances in the game.
  • The changes did not affect bolt-action sniper rifles and anti-tank weapons, as well as flamethrowers. Other weapons have 2-2.5 times bigger average bullet dispersion angle.
  • New weapons added in Battle Pass season: Naiman hand-held mortar (RMN-50), semiauto rifle Pavesi M42, Mkb 35 carbine.

Battle Pass

The third season of Battle Pass is on. Experience boosters will be added to the season's rewards; there will also be new premium soldiers, weapons, and vehicles exchangeable for gold tickets in Logistics.

The " Battle Pass" season transition system has been improved. The transition to a new season will reset all current battle tasks, including those completed, as well as restore the allowable number of changes of battle tasks to their original value. Thus, it will be possible to earn progress for both the outgoing season and the new one on the same day. However, the completed tasks that have not yet received a reward will also be reset.

At the start of the third season there will be no new premium weapons, exchangeable for a golden ticket, for the Allies in Normandy and Tunisia. These weapons will be added as soon as possible.

Regular Login Rewards

The system for regular login bonuses has been launched.

On the first login during the day, players will get different rewards. Every fifth continuous login to the game an advanced reward, every fifteenth continuous login to the game a major reward, with the chance of winning a golden ticket for a soldier, weapon or vehicle.

Rewards are divided into two categories based on how they are earned. Various experience boosters are granted immediately, they start working in the first battle. All other rewards, including gold tickets, are attached to a random daily task and you will need to complete that task to receive them.

Missing Entry Days Penalty:

  • If a player misses one day, the Attendance Counter is rolled back 1 step;
  • If a player misses two days, the Attendance Count rolls back to the last Advanced or Major Reward received;
  • If the player misses three days or more, the Attendance Count is reset to the beginning.


  • Added indicator to show reloading status of tank guns and machine guns.

Other changes

  • Added Polish language game localization.
  • Changed deserter indication in the player statistics window and in the debriefing.
  • For convenience, the setting of FPS limits has been changed to fixed values.
  • Infantry squad is now respawned without delay in the "Training" mission.

Some soldier class names were changed

  • Trooper -> Rifleman
  • Gunner -> Machine Gunner
  • Bomber -> AT Gunner


  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use any weapon or medkit if you try to switch weapons while deploying a grenade launcher.
  • Fixed a bug causing turret machine guns to fire out of line of sight.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect caliber value of Boys ATR.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to leave a burning motorcycle.
  • Fixed incorrect position of commander in the hatch on Pz. IV E tank.
  • Fixed errors when saving game settings to online storage.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Enlisted is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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