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New game mode — Destruction

There will be no capture points in this battle. Make your way to the enemy's strategic location and blow it up, along with all the defenders in the new Enlisted Mode!

Get the Explosives ready

In the new Enlisted Mode, you can mine a specific area then defend them until the timer runs out. The explosion will destroy the object and clear a path to the next target.

Defenders can prevent destruction by killing the attackers and, they will also have time after the start of the timer to disarm mines in the area. If the disarmament is successful, the attackers will have to repeat the attack.

Each soldier on the attacking side has explosives in this mode.

Come and try it out

The first missions where you can try out the new Destruction mode: Al Har and Al Jabal Farm, in which you will target a complex of radio stations that provide communications throughout the region.

Testing mode

The new mode is available for testing and may be temporarily turned off for finalization. We will be happy to receive your feedback and suggestions.

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