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“Battle of Tunisia” Campaign CBT and Big Update

The CBT of the long awaited “Battle for Tunisia” campaign has launched in Enlisted!

For the first time, squads of Italian and British forces will participate as part of the axis and allied armies. The unique weapons and vehicles available in Tunisia will help you fight for one of the key strategic areas in Northern Africa. A place of such an importance, that one of the largest armies of the Third reich was positioned there.


The first battles in Tunisia will take place in a large African city and near a picturesque gorge. 

It features a large city centre with many buildings and a marketplace above them. Who controls the market - controls the city! 

In the gorge beside a number of beautiful palaces by the river, most heated fights will be taking place over the bridges that link up the river shores, and the clever strategists among you will discover the benefits of using fast motor boats that can carry up to 9 soldiers! 

Squads, weapons and crafts

During the CBT you will be able to immediately test all basic squad types of the campaign. You will have a choice of 10 squads per side, including engineers with the semi-auto Armaguerra Mod. 39 and M1 Carbine rifles, snipers like the Lee-Enfield No.4 MkI (T), and AT Gunners with the powerful Boys Anti-tank Rifle, as well as other specialists armed with new weapons.

British tankers arrive with their first armored vehicle - the famous Grant I, and likewise the Italian squad roll up as well with the 75/32 M41 SPG.

From above the warring parties will be covered by the German Hs 129 B-2 with twin 20-mm MG 151 cannons and a single 30-mm Mk 103 cannon with fantastic armor penetration, and the British Hurricane Mk IV with two 40-mm cannons under the wings!

After the CBT is over, we will introduce a lot of new levels to the campaign, including many new squads and vehicles!

I want to participate!

During the CBT stage access to the campaign is available to the owners of the early access bundle, comprising of two premium motorcycle squads - one for each side.

Enlisted - "Battle of Tunisia": Motorcyclists Bundle

This bundle includes:
  • "Battle of Tunisia": WD Big 4 Squad;
  • "Battle of Tunisia": KS 750 Squad;
  • "Battle of Tunisia" campaign CBT access;
  • 600 Gold.

These squads consist of 2 soldiers of the “Riders” class, 1 soldier of the "Engineer" class and unique motorcycles equipped with a machine gun. The WD Big 4 squad soldiers are also equipped with a M1A1 Thompson submachine gun, a Colt New Service revolver and an explosive pack. The KS 750 squad soldiers are also equipped with a MP-40 submachine gun, a Walther PP gun and an explosive pack.

The premium vehicles have maximum level and soldiers are rank 4 with all 4 perks unlocked and 5 bonus retraining points. Premium squads receive + 100% experience gain in battles for soldiers and campaign level. These bonuses are cumulative with a Premium Account.

The Testing process

Testing will take place in real battles against other players! The CBT participants help us fine-tune the missions, weapons and vehicles of the campaign before it is open for everyone. 

The first stage of the CBT

Campaign progress is switched off and all participants get a fixed set of squads of all types, including the premium squads from the early access bundle. 

The second stage of the CBT

Campaign progress is unlocked and all participants start from level 1. At this point we test the progression system and the balance of squads and vehicles, also, your achievements and progress will not be wiped as we transition into the OBT. 

Additionally, by participating in battles of the Tunisia campaign you can complete regular battle tasks and earn progress towards the Battle Pass. 

Once the CBT is over, it will become available to all players for free! 


We are always keen to hear your feedback, every comment has the potential to help us make the game better, so if you have the time let us know your thoughts!

Full change list

Welcome to new bomb blast mechanics and protection from them. Now splinters fly in a realistic cone, allowing prone and sitting soldiers to survive bombing. Destructible objects also now allow a degree of blast protection before they are eliminated. Read more in the devblog.

Also, you may now drop a cooked grenade under yourself while downed using the grenade selection button. Thus either avenging yourself or masking your retreat to safety with smoke. 

We will extend the current Battle Pass season until September the 22nd and also present other changes: 

Missions and locations

  • Added location “The Gorge”
  • Added location “Al Har” 
  • Added new missions “The Gorge” (Invasion), “Al Har” (Invasion and Conquest)
  • Added a new mission, Beloe Lake (Invasion) in the Battle of Moscow.
  • Added new cover and some visual improvements in the Beloe Lake location. 
  • Added alternative paths to the mission Le Bre (Invasion) in the Invasion of Normandy. 
  • Added some new spawn points in the Beloe Lake (Conquest) mission.

Weapons and soldiers

  • Added ability to dig cover and trenches with the new shovel item (in the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign).
  • Added new weapons (in the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign):
    • Carcano M41 rifle
    • Thompson M1921/28 SMG
    • Webley MkVI (.455) revolver
    • Armaguerra Mod.39 ( 6.5 mm)
    • Beretta M38/42 SMG
    • Carcano M38 (7.35 mm) SMG
    • Enfield M1917 rifle
    • Lee-Enfield No.4 MkI (T) rifle
  • Added smoke artillery strike to be called for by the radio operator.
  • Reworked the damage model of infantry by aerial bomb splinters. Splinters now fly in a vertical cone from the explosion point due to bomb submersion into the ground. Thus soldiers may survive bombing by going prone outside of the blast wave. Hint added to the HUD about this option if a player is killed by the bomb. 
  • Added dropped bomb indicator on the ground - same as with grenades. Also, if a dropping bomb is within a range to damage the player, it will have a more clear sound. 
  • Now destructible objects will protect soldiers from bomb explosions until the objects are destroyed. Including the blast that actually destroys them.
  • Fixed damage model issues for aircraft. Now it should be easier to shoot it down. 
  • Added ability to drop cooked grenades in downed mode by pressing the grenade selection button (“5” by default on PC). 
  • Added six new valor badges for the battle results:
    • One ‘major’ valor badge “All-round Warrior”, ensuring the player gets into the Battle Hero status. This badge is awarded to those players, who hold second or third place in a team by the total score and who didn’t get any special badge, at the same time still having more points overall than some players with badges. 
    • Five new lesser badges, that do not ensure making player a Battle Hero, but still reward with additional XP: 
    • “The Tactician” badge for the winning side is received by a player who has the most point capture points (but no less than 2) and in action points (but no less than 10). If nobody has captured any points, engineer stats are used to select the badge holder. 
    • “The Crusher” badge is received by a player who has destroyed no less than 3 vehicles and who has destroyed the greatest number of vehicles. 
    • “The Ranged Master” badge is earned by a player who has killed 5 or more enemies from long range and who has the most long range kills. 
    • “The Melee Master” badge is earned by a player who has killed 3 or more enemies with a melee weapon and who has the most melee kills. 
    • “The Grenade Master” badge is earned by a player who has killed 7 or more enemies with grenades and who has the most grenade kills.
    • New badges can stack with existing ones.
    • Single soldier who gets 2 or more badges will have an XP bonus modifier. 1.5x XP for becoming a Battle Hero and 1.4x XP without becoming a Battle Hero.
  • Skill points now increase a soldier’s performance in the battle:
    • Every survival point adds 1% of stamina.
    • Every speed point adds 0.5% running speed.
    • Every weapon mastery point lowers the weapon vertical recoil by 0.5%.
  • AI-soldiers will change their postures if there is no cover nearby to be better protected from enemy shots. 
  • Improved the AI-soldiers ability to jump over engineered obstacles. 
  • Changed camo for 20mm AA guns built by engineers.
  • Changed camo for Pak38 gun built by engineers. 
  • Improved ballistics for GrB-39, the crosshair now points to the 75 metre range hit mark. 
  • Improved the mechanics of getting out of water. 

Graphics and Interface

  • Added shield hit indicator meaning that the enemy has just respawned and has a temporary immunity to attacks.
  • Added AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution support.
  • Fixed the display of vehicle and weapon names in the development tree. 
  • Fixed the display of the vehicle names in the squad cards in the campaign reward tree. 
  • Briefing will not  be  displayed at the start of the tutorial, but can be called upon with the F1 button. 
  • Added the graphical option to switch on Improved subsurface scattering.
  • Added the Temporal Super Resolution feature.
  • Fixed water disappearance at the edge of a map.
  • Fixed the overly strong visual effect for burned soldiers.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added special controls for tanks with multiple cannons. 
  • Added sandstorm and special visual effects for Tunisia locations.
  • Reworked infantry tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow a player to use the last respawn in Conquest mode. 
  • Fixed a bug causing  a player to see themself as levitating when looking down below.
  • Fixed a bug with the sound of burst shooting when the trigger has been pushed briefly which caused the sound of several shots instead of a single shot.
  • Players who have left a squad will no longer get into a battle accidentally. 
  • Friendly soldiers who crew an anti-tank gun will not have their markers disappear. 
  • Destroyed objects will no longer reappear. 
  • Fixed significant FPS drop when flying over a battlefield.
  • Improved performance after large bomb explosions. 
  • Smoke will no longer appear before a smoke grenade activates. 
  • Fixed bright reflections in some interiors. 
  • Added sound effects for some grenades flying past the player or splinters hitting obstacles. 
  • Improved overall game client performance. 
  • Improved work of the lead marker on airplanes. 
  • Added crosshair display for tanks with different cannons. 
  • Improved environmental collision. Now the player will not tend to climb high obstacles as often. 
  • Improved prone player positioning. Now their head should not sink underground.
  • XBOX: Added error message if a squad leader tries to enter the battle queue. 
  • XBOX: Fixed an issue with opening the gamercard.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. Enlisted is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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