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Let’s give personal orders and find cover from bombs!

Today we bring you two great pieces of news while we work on finalizing the Enlisted update. We’ll discuss the function of the personal orders and how in the future you’ll be able to take cover from bombs.

Taking cover from the flying death

In the upcoming update, damage from bomb splinters will be calculated based on a more realistic model. Essentially: when a bomb lands it will push partially into the ground, so now, fragments and splinters will fly upwards in a cone from the explosion point, which is more true-to-life representation of how they work. 

This means that a soldier can potentially go prone before the bomb hits - and have a good chance of survival and continue the attack! The game will even display a hint about this feature for players who commonly fall victim to enemy bombs. 

Speaking about bombs - they also have blast waves, damaging all in their radius. For example, FAB-50 with 26 kg of explosives kills within 4.5 meters, and SC-500 with 325 kg of explosive mass - that radius will be 15 meters!

As for explosions in general, destructible objects have also been reworked. Walls, engineer’s sandbags, and other temporary objects that were previously destroyed by an explosion immediately lost their cover function for those sheltering behind them. Now all destructible objects will provide more adequate protection and shield soldiers from explosive damage until they are completely destroyed. 

So, storming strategic points under artillery fire, mortar shells and aviation bombs will become easier and more logical for those with enough skill and flexibility.

Personal orders

One more long-expected feature. Imagine one of the soldiers in your squad is covering a window, another - capturing point, and third waiting for new targets behind a corner. Soon you’ll have an option to give them all unique orders!

In the battle interface, you will be able to switch the ordering mode from old group-based orders to new personal orders (by default this is done by pressing the “K” button on PC and can be mapped to anything preferable on console). If you switch to personal mode, you will see an improved interface, the squad member who is receiving an order is highlighted, there are also hints about how to switch soldiers to receive orders, as well as a list of all possible orders. 

If you order a soldier to take a position, you will see an appropriate place marker on the ground. Such an order will be canceled if you get too far away from your squad members or if their position falls outside of the moving battle area. 

HINT! By marking an enemy you help not only other players in battle but also the AI soldiers in your squad. They will turn and look closely in the direction of a mark set on the enemy or a location where the enemy can appear. This will allow you to place machine gunners at different defensive points, or assaulters at different sides of a door, as well as set a direction for them to look and shoot. 

Other new features will be revealed in future update news. Stay tuned and have a good fight!

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