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“Events” tab has been added to the main menu. Balance has been adjusted for the following mission.

Update ( - Playstation)

Fixed a bug which prevented the usage of medpacks with certain combinations of medpack usage speed abilities. Now, the starting ability of a rank III player will provide a 15% bonus to their medpack usage speed. 

Server Update 15.10.21

In the Battle of Tunisia campaign at level 25, the allies will unlock the Thompson M21/28. Tankers of the 2nd Panzer Division/3rd Panzer Regiment at level 31 of the Invasion of Normandy campaign on the axis side will receive the starting skill + 45% faster gear shifting speed, which is indicated on the card. Fixed the inability to upgrade Engineers in the Premium motorcyclist squads up to 5 stars in the Battle of Tunisia campaign for both allied and axis sides.

Update ( - Playstation, - Xbox)

Server Update 08.10.2021

Session waiting time before the system lowers the minimum amount of players accepted into the battle is increased from 0 to 30 seconds. This will allow to gather larger teams before starting the session. If still needed, additional players will be added to the started battle as before during certain amount of time.


Increased accuracy of rifles, semi-automatic rifles and machine guns.

Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

The following balance changes for the “Invasion” missions have been implemented.

Enlisted Major Update and the Tunisia OBT


Restored maximum value of “Mouse aim speed” in settings back to 5.


Fixed a bug in the Al Har (Invasion) mission where soldiers might respawn in rock.


The balance of missions in Invasion mode for the “Battle of Tunisia” Campaign has been adjusted — capture time for some points increased.

“Battle of Tunisia” Campaign CBT and Big Update


Fixed incorrect sounds for machine guns and cannons on certain aircraft. Fixed a game crash that occurred when selecting the Schlachtgeschwader 3 II./SG3 squad when equipped with the Me 410 B-1 in the main menu.


Corrected some vehicle spawn point locations in the following missions: Ver-sur-Mer (Invasion), Königsplatz (Invasion) and Lehrter Bahnhof (Conquest).


The lack of an information button in the “Logistics” menu for premium squads has been fixed.