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Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)

Enlisted begins the new year with many bug fixes and more. There are now 70 different missions available in Enlisted with today's update! We've added a few more to the Invasion mode, and for a number of already existing ones, we've added some decent tweaks.


Thank you for participating in the Steel Fortress event! We congratulate all the winners and invite you to check the leaderboard in the game. 

Update (Server Update 29.12.21 - Xbox, Playstation)

The event "Steel Fortress" fixes.

Update (Server Update 28.12.21 - Xbox, Playstation)

Fixed de-synchronization of gunner's crosshairs and sight vignette on Stug III G. Number of kills/deaths in the leaderboard is now shown as a ratio instead of a percentage. Results in the leaderboard are now aligned to the center of the columns. Columns with points and time spent in battle have been added to the leaderboard.

Update (Server Update 23.12.21 - Xbox, Playstation)

Added personal profile functionality and more.

Update (Server Update 23.12.21 - Xbox, Playstation)

Increased cost for building a Christmas tree in resources from 0 to 3. Fixed an error with the appearance of vehicles inside other objects in the mission “Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion)”. Reduced distance to air reload points in missions “Pokrovskoe City (Conquest)” and “Pokrovskoe City (Destruction)” in the Battle for Moscow campaign. Expanded battle zones for some points in mission “Gare de Saint-Lo (Invasion)” in the Invasion of Normandy campaign. Fixed inability to use some stationary machine guns.

Update ( - Xbox, - Playstation)

Fixed graphical artefacts when using commander and driver view in the M24 tank. Removed ability to erect a New Year tree in some inappropriate places. Corrected Dolganov SMG rendering when equipped by a soldier. Added more narrator messages in the Armored Train mission in Zeele Heights. Added message when trying to use cannon station being occupied by another player in the Armored Train. Increased time to capture strategic points by allies in missions Al Har (Invasion), Al Jabal Farm (Invasion), Fortress (Invasion), Gorge (Invasion), Oasis (Invasion), The Maisky Forestry (Invasion), Fortified district (Invasion), Birch Grove (Invasion), Beloe Lake (Invasion), Quarry (Invasion) and Vysokovo Village (Invasion). Decreased the amount of available reinforcements and increased time to set up a charge for allies in the missions Al Har (Destruction), Al Jabal Farm (Destruction) and Pokrovskoe City (Destruction). Increased capturing time for allies in missions Ver-sur-Mer (Assault), Pokrovskoe City (Assault), Manor (Assault) and Vysokovo Village (Assault). Increased amount of reinforcements and lowered capturing time for axis in missions Fortress (Invasion), Moat (Invasion), Oasis (Invasion), Quarry (Invasion), Lehrter Bahnhof (Invasion), The Maisky Forestry (Invasion) and Monastery (Invasion). Increased amount of available reinforcements and lowered time to set the charge and till the explosion for the axis in missions Al Har (Destruction), Al Jabal Farm (Destruction) and Gorge (Destruction).

Update ( - Xbox, - Playstation)

Added Seelow Heights (Train escort) mission, in which the Allied army escorts a captured train. Increased the number of escorting side's reinforcements in the Seelow Heights (Train escort) mission. Corrected wrong hint when trying to upgrade a vehicle in case of lack of required amount of spare parts. Fixed the color of the 75th Marine Infantry Brigade uniform. Fixed the calculation of the effective armor in the armor analyzer.

Update ( Xbox, PSN)

Returned the ability to rotate items in the Battle Pass window. Fixed incorrect Engineer icons in Engineer Training. Fixed the display of the posters received by the player before loading in the main menu. Fixed a bug that appeared when trying to open a briefing in Practice mode. Fixed the display of the progress in the "Bayonet Knife" promotion tasks. Fixed the missing battle zone in the mission "Quarry (Invasion)".

Meet the Armored Train update!

Making Enlisted a Better Place №5

Server Update 22.11.2021

Soldiers, we are pleased to announce that we have solved the issues which related to experience accrual in cross-platform squads. Please note - if you continue to experience these issues, please restart the game.

Update ( - Playstation, Xbox)

Fixed the colour of bunker walls in the Fortified District mission. Changed the pose of soldiers with a Charlton automatic rifle in the Soldiers menu. Canceled the increase of the minimum distance to the capture zone when setting up an engineering Rally point. We'll tell you more about our plans in a separate devblog. Stay tuned.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №4

The realized improvements mostly or even completely are based on the feedback you leave in the special topics and discussions on the online communities.


Fixed lack of voice announcements of capturing points.