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New Weapons: Land Mines

In one of the nearer updates, military command will provide you with a new weapon type - anti tank and anti personnel landmines.

For All Soldiers

Land mines will not only be available to engineers, but also to other soldier types. You can obtain them through logistic orders in the same way as other weapons. 

Mines can be carried in inventory slots like med or repair kits, and with the introduction of an improved inventory management system you will be able to set up and increase the maximum inventory load of a soldier at the cost of other carried items. 

In Battle

The land mine’s efficiency is directly dependent on how cleverly you locate them. There will be no time in a dynamic battle to create a lot of cover for them, so try to use landscape objects to mask the mine from the incoming enemy. Pay attention to tall grass, bushes, rocks etc.

The anti personnel landmine will detonate when something moves near it. And an anti tank mine will require pressure from a heavy vehicle. 

Additionally, a well placed shot can detonate a landmine from distance, meaning one can use it to destroy enemy traps or cause an anti tank mine to detonate under groups of infantry. 

Be careful and watch where you put your feet!

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