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Rewards, battle tasks, changes in progress and logistics for squads and soldiers

Battle Pass

Battle Pass will become the main way to obtain new soldiers, weapons and useful ammunition. In the rewards you will find unique weapons, high-rank soldiers, skins for vehicles, experience boosters and many other cool items!

In Battle Pass rewards you will also get a new kind of logistics orders - silver orders. Unlike regular ones they will guarantee obtaining weapons and soldiers that you select. The only random thing about them will be if you get the desired item immediately upgraded or not. 

Battle Pass will feature two kinds of rewards in each season. Free ones and those, available to the purchasers of the Premium Battle Pass. Those players who purchase Premium and collect all rewards will get back more gold, than the premium battle pass costs!

The first three completed battle tasks per day will ensure your advance in the battle pass reward line. We will share more about the battle pass and rewards in a separate development blog. 

Battle Tasks

Battle Tasks will add some diversity to your battle experience and allow you to earn extra rewards. They will be available to you all the time and without any limits: as soon as you complete one, new tasks will appear!

Completing battle tasks will give you regular logistics orders, the ones you get now for gaining experience. This will ensure more transparency in the pace and rules of composing and arming your squads.

You can use regular orders to either get random weapons and soldiers, or exchange them for guaranteed grenades and medkits.

At the start of this new system we will present a few dozen different battle tasks, and we plan to keep updating them. 

Squad Composition

In order to make the squads more historical and diverse, we plan to change their maximum soldier counts and the amount of specific classes in them. 

Lets use a sniper squad as an example. Snipers used to work in small groups, so their squad will always be smaller than the assault one. At the same time gaining extra space for some specialists in the squad will allow the Enlisted mechanics to make it more dangerous for the enemy, and more useful to you. 

All planned changes can be found in the table at the link below.

Also, some squads will get extra unique upgrades, like some special engineer objects, or the ability to call artillery strike more often. 


Советское снаряжение: вещмешок, сумка для взрывчатки и гранат, бандольер для патронов. Представленные модели не являются окончательными.
Backpack, grenade and explosives pouch, ammo bandolier. These are example illustrations

After studying your feedback we decided to rework the equipment system for soldiers, limiting the amount of different items you can take into a fight.

The inventory size will be lowered by default and most soldiers will get new slot for specific kinds of carry, allowing planning and organizing carrying equipment in the squad with better precision and tactics, being limited in its type:

  • Backpack — allows you to take more inventory items, like medpacks.
  • Ammo bag — increases carried ammo supply for the main weapon.
  • Grenade bag — you can equip more grenades, but less of other item types.

This slot will not be available for specific soldier classes, who already carry bulky equipment: like radio set, flamethrower fuel tank, etc. So, you will be able to fine tune each soldier in their tactics specialization without going ‘Rambo style’.

New Combat Awards

Enlisted will get a new system of Combat Awards, distributed at the end of each battle. The most efficient heroes will get one or multiple honor badges like “First place in a team”, “Best vehicle performance”, “Best infantry”, as well as a number of badges for those soldiers who outperform not only your team. but enemy soldiers as well in each class.

Earning badges will ensure extra experience for campaign progress and soldier and squad progress. Also best soldiers will be displayed in debriefing on the honorable picture in their dress uniform. A team should know who its heroes are!

Other Planned Changes

In the Academy you will be able to better control the process of training your soldiers. 

Soldiers will also get new perks, affecting speed of construction for engineers, damage increase in melee, speed of using medpack and many others.

You will be able to change your soldiers’ appearance (for a while only randomly) and give your soldiers unique names. 

We will rework the weapon upgrade system. The upgrade results will not be random anymore. And the system itself will become secondary to the ability to get already upgraded weapons from silver orders of the battle pass.

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