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Second testing of the updated Enlisted!

Commanders, preparations for the major Enlisted update are in full swing! 

For the second test we have taken into account your suggestions and also fixed a lot of bugs. We invite you to take a look at our progress and share your feedback again!

The new Enlisted features merged campaigns into countries, research trees instead of linear progression and many other fundamental changes to the game.

From November 13th (15:30 UTC) to November 15th (15:30 UTC) test the updated Enlisted on a special test server.

Download the test server client

  • If you already have the test client installed — just start its Launcher on the test day and it will update the game.
  • Your game account is copied to the test server. Any actions on the test server, including purchases for Gold and earned progress, will not be transferred to the main game server.

Briefly about the updated Enlisted

This is a major rework of our game's fundamentals that will improve the gameplay experience for every commander. 

  • Progression will not be presented within campaigns, but within countries in a research tree format with branches for vehicles and weapon classes, and a separate branch for soldiers. 
  • Although campaigns will be merged, countries will still be bound to their historical battlefields. 
  • Battles will be selected based on the rating of the players' weaponry.
  • There will be a new single currency, silver, which will replace bronze and silver orders.

In this test

Profile conversion fixes

In this test, the focus is once again on the correct profile conversion. We hope that the fixes we have made will allow you to transfer all your in-game items without any problems. 

Please note that gold will be credited to your account only after the update is released on the main server. 

Don't forget to check that your profile matches what is described in this announcement! 

Updated matchmaking

With the help of the new matchmaking system, we will try to keep the authenticity of the battles and maintain the balance between historical accuracy and the time spent in the queue. You will be able to try it in this test!  

Each weapon and vehicle will have a list of preferred and undesired maps. Matchmaking will try to pick a match on preferred maps and avoid the undesired ones.

For a map to become a preferred map, all it takes is one weapon or vehicle to prefer it while having none for which that map is undesired.

Some examples: 

1. Your first squad - soldiers with Mosin carbines (preferred map - Moscow).

Your second squad - T-60 tank (preferred map - Moscow).

Result: the preferred map for this army is Moscow.

2. Your first squad - soldiers with Mosin carbines (preferred map - Moscow).

Your second squad - T-50 tank (preferred maps - Moscow, Stalingrad).

Result: the preferred maps for this army are Moscow and Stalingrad.

3. Your first squad - soldiers with Mosin carbines (preferred map - Moscow).

Your second squad - T-50 tank (preferred maps - Moscow, Stalingrad).

Your third squad - IS-2 tank (preferred map - Berlin, undesired maps - Moscow, Stalingrad).

Result: the preferred map for this army is Berlin.

To check which maps are undesired for each weapon and vehicle in their descriptions. 

You can see the list of maps that you are more likely to get with your current equipment by either hovering over the army selector or in the session search window.

Other changes

In addition to all the changes previously announced from the first test, we’ve also added a few improvements that you've been asking for!

So, in this test you will be able to try out the filtering of squads by class, which will allow you to avoid getting confused when assembling squad presets.

A small but noticeable improvement has been made to the soldiers of two classes not widely played: Medics and Riders. Now they will be able to arm themselves not only with submachine guns, but also with assault rifles, which will increase their versatility. 

We also consider it important to clarify the situation regarding the M2 mortar in the US research tree: we decided to make it unlockable for everyone, so the three pieces of this formidable weapon, which you could get for one of the events, will lose their promotional status.

Please note that on the test server you’ll still find the preliminary version of the update, so you may encounter bugs that we expect to find and fix with your help before the final version of the update hits the main game server.

In case you have reported technical bugs, please make sure to check if we have been able to fix them. If not and they still occur, please report them again on the bug report portal.

About your profile conversion

Your armies and progress

All your soldiers, their weapons and equipment, squad and individual soldier upgrades, vehicles and stored weapons will be preserved. In the updated Enlisted you will find them in their respective countries.

Your progress will also be transferred and unlocked content from different campaigns in the same country will be combined. Even incomplete progress will be transferred to the new tree-like progression system, so if you are at 45% of unlocking a new machine gun, you will continue from the same 45%. Already unlocked weapons and vehicles will remain unlocked in the updated Enlisted as well. If you have the same vehicles unlocked in several campaigns, these squads with vehicles will be preserved and can be used simultaneously.

Only the camouflages bought for Gold will not carry over. We will refund the spent Gold on them after the update is released and you can purchase them again or something new.

Slots and presets

We will fully refund your Enlisted Gold spent on purchasing squad slots. Previously, we planned to convert them with partial compensation, but abandoned it due to excessive complexity. Please note: squad slots will be compensated in Gold after the update is released on the main server of the game.

This also applies to Stalingrad Full Access pack owners: the cost of slots will be compensated in Gold, just like the slots in other campaigns.

There is a limit of 6 presets per country without a premium account and 10 presets per country with an active premium account. The transfer will happen automatically on the main server when the update is released. All presets will be transferred, even if this exceeds this limit. Presets above the limit cannot be changed until you "clean up" the list.

Currency and orders

In a recent blog we explained the conversion of orders in more detail, but we'll summarize it briefly: bronze and silver orders will be replaced by a single, simple currency, silver. Gold orders, along with other types of orders, such as weapon upgrades, will remain unchanged and will work as before.

Army appearance

Campaigns are merged into countries, and their soldiers will find themselves in a wide variety of battles. For example, a player using the German army can end up both among the hot sands of Tunisia and in the frozen trenches of Stalingrad. 

Of course, this does not mean that your soldiers will run around in shorts and shirts in the cold winter! Customization of the soldiers will remain in Enlisted, but now it will be represented by an elaborate system of presets, each of which is tied to a specific environment and will be customizable to your taste within reasonable limits. All customization items purchased and received from events will remain on your soldiers, if they are wearing them in the correct preset, or in your storage.

Thank you!

Each test participant will be rewarded with a unique "Honor" portrait. If you missed the opportunity to get it last time - you can get it now!

The portrait will be issued on the main game server to all players who have completed at least 3 battles on the test server about a week after the end of the test.

We will diligently collect your ideas and comments in this thread! Remember that the changes are not final and your feedback is always welcome! 

If you find a bug, please report it on the dedicated portal. We would appreciate it.

Report a bug

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