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What’s new on YouTube #3 - Special episode

Sometimes we will post special episodes, in which we will talk in detail about one special thing, dedicated to our game. Today, this is the Battle Pass!

Do you upload interesting content to YouTube? We'll be sure to watch!


With the release of the new season of the Battle Pass, new weapons for gold orders have appeared in Enlisted!

In FACE_TAC’s video, you will get acquainted with the 10th Battle Pass season weapons, and you will see their unique animations in much more detail.

And remember, many unique weapons are implemented in the game thanks to you, so feel free to suggest more on our forum!


If you don't like semi-autos with drum magazines, then we advise you to re-look at the past weapons for gold orders!

MajorMcDonalds will tell you in detail about interesting weapons from past Battle Pass seasons.

And remember, you have time until August 2nd to buy the disappearing weapons in the store!

P.S. We have left a link to the mod from the video, so you can test many unique weapons by yourself:

Test it

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