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Greetings, commanders! We're getting close to a major Enlisted update. Merging campaigns into countries, replacing linear progression with development trees, improved matchmaking, rewards for playing on a random side, unified single currency, and many other changes that will transform your gaming experience!

In this devblog, we'll go over the main points briefly, and most of it will be focused on answering the questions you've asked under the past devblogs.

Just to remind, we have already published two devblogs about the new Enlisted: about the main changes and improvements in the updated game. And in the upcoming one we will talk about the new interface - an integral part of the update - which we will publish in the next few days.

Your progress

In the new Enlisted, player progress won't be represented by campaigns, but by countries. The progress you achieved, for example, for the USA in Normandy and in the Pacific, will be combined and transferred to one nation - the USA - in the new Enlisted.

In the development tree you will have those squads, weapons and vehicles that you managed to get at least in one campaign of each individual country at the time of the update. So, if a certain weapon model has been unlocked in one campaign and not yet in another, then in the new Enlisted it will be unlocked in the corresponding country. We will transfer even unfinished progress, and you can keep going from where you were before.

In the new development mechanic, you choose the squad, weapon or vehicle you want, and the experience gained in battles is used to research them. You can skip, for example, an unnecessary weapon class.

Weapons, vehicles, squads and their slots

Already existing equipment, squads and vehicles will remain in your warehouses. You bought 100 Gewehr 41 rifles? You will find them in your warehouse after the major update and you can issue them to your soldiers.

The same applies to all weapons, vehicles and equipment. And owners of the "Full access" pack for the Battle of Stalingrad campaign can count on exclusive content. We have covered more in this blog. We also remind you that owners of the Battle of Stalingrad: Full Access and the Pacific War: Special Landing Forces pack must level up their specific campaign before the major update if they want to obtain their weapons, soldiers and vehicles at the pre-maximum rank. 

We will transfer squad slots to each country from the campaign with the highest number open. For the others, we will return the spent gold in its full amount. In the new country system, you will be able to purchase 4 slots on top of the available slots.

Unified currency

It's silver. You can use it to purchase equipment and weapons, to upgrade them and your vehicles. While Silver's role will be similar to that of Bronze and Silver Orders, it is now one simple and straightforward currency.

You will receive Silver, together with experience, at the end of the battle in about the same value as you received orders.

It is not necessary to rush out and spend your orders right now — on the day of the upgrade we will exchange your orders for Silver at the direct rate. You will be left with roughly the same amount as you would have bought for orders.

Gold orders will remain unchanged and will stay with you.

New training for soldiers

The current level of soldiers and their abilities will remain unchanged. In the new Enlisted, we will make the ability system more diverse and at the same time simplify it: for example, the game will not require you to regain combat experience once you remove an already-learned ability.

We told you more about this system in the second devblog.


Q. What will happen to my squads?

A. You will keep them. All of them. We'll even try to keep their lineups from every single campaign of the current Enlisted.

Q. What will happen to the customization when the campaigns are combined into a country? For the USSR, I can get to Moscow at the beginning of WWII and Berlin at the end of the war — but the uniforms of soldiers in the Red Army have changed since then.

A. Each squad will have several clothing options, which we'll associate with battle locations. You will be able to change squad clothing in each of these variants individually. All clothing items you've already purchased will be kept.

Q. Will combining campaigns mean that I can play for example on the beaches of Normandy while playing as the USSR?

A. It won’t. Almost nothing will change in terms of creating battles: players using the USSR will only be able to get to maps that match the war fronts involving the USSR, and will fight against Germany. Matchmaking will try to choose a mission that best suits the level of your weapons and vehicles. Will you go into battle with weapons from the beginning of the war? In that case, you will most likely get to the battle of Moscow or Stalingrad. And with weapons from the end of the war you will have a better chance of ending up in Berlin.Keep in mind the new preset system. You can create several presets for different levels and alternate between them to get to a greater variety of maps.

Q. Not every future separate "country" is ready for the merging of campaigns into countries, for example, the current maximum power of Japan's army lacks compared to the strength of the U.S. military. What will happen in this situation?

A. Exclusively for Japan, we've prepared a matchmaking restriction whereby players for the Japanese army won't get matched against the USA above a certain army rank (matching the current campaign balance). In the future, as Japan's weapons progress, the limits of this restriction will be expanded.

For all other countries, their maximum firepower is similar, and no such restriction is required. But we will keep a close eye on individual balance features and make adjustments to certain weapons and vehicles if necessary.

Q. What about all the stuff I've earned in Events, the stuff I've purchased from the Battle Pass store, all the hard-earned stuff I've gained?

A. They will stay with you. Avatars, nickname decorators, weapons, equipment, vehicles, unique soldiers, decorators, decals, camouflages, boosters and more.

Q. What’s about different orders, like the "Soldier level up order"?

A. They will be kept. We'll also be giving them away in special events. The same goes for everything else, including gold orders. We only exchange bronze and silver orders to silver.

Q. With the new progression, how will the "in-between" content be added and displayed?

A. One of the reasons Enlisted will be updated is to allow new content to be added in the middle or even at the beginning of the development tree! When such content is added to the tree, you'll be able to research it if you have unlocked the weapon before it. If you are already researching the next weapon after the newly added one, you will be able to continue the process.

Q. Will the overall player progression become slower?

A. We plan to keep the rate of progress through the available content unchanged. At the same time, you'll be able to skip some branches of weapons or vehicles if you're not interested in them — this will noticeably speed up the progression. Although keep in mind that ignoring everything and upgrading only machine guns, for example, is not possible — to access the next level of equipment you will need to open a certain number of weapons at the previous level.

Short questions

Q. How can I find out what my soldiers' equipment rating is?

A. The rating of the individual pieces of equipment will be shown on their cards. The maximum rating of the set will also be shown on the interface.

Q. How will the rating of a party be determined?

A. By the highest rating of its members.

Q. In Stalingrad, engineers could use assault rifles. What happens to this mechanic?

A. Such squads will not change and will be transferred with the same mechanics. But the heavy weapons' stamina drain while aiming (a feature of Stalingrad) will be removed.

Q. Will it change the way I get level II, III, IV soldiers? Will it be possible to improve Assaulter 1 to Assaulter 2, etc. 

A. We've described the changes. It will be easier and faster to level up soldiers, but the classification of I, II, etc. will remain in Enlisted.

Q. Will you introduce some new monetization?

A. No major changes planned. But we'll remove some of the old ones - you won't be able to buy weapons and squad related improvements for Gold directly. Only with Silver, which, at the same time, will be purchasable for Gold. This change will primarily simplify the interface.

Q. But what happens to premium squads and vehicles that appear as normal levels in other campaigns?

A. Players who purchased them before the release of the update will keep them. Some of them will no longer be sold, but may return in promotions. We will publish the full list of such premium squads shortly before the release of the update. 

Q.Will there be an option in the new Enlisted to choose locations I don't want to be in at all?

A. We have a desire to implement this mechanic, but it's unlikely to be done immediately with the release of the game update.

Q. Will the squad structure change somehow? 

A. No. The system will remain completely the same as you're used to.

Q. Will the players be somehow limited in their choice of squads in battle? For example: only one assaulter instead of the ability to take three or more, as now.

A. We do not plan to make such restrictions.

Q. What is the reward for playing a random side?

A. A noticeable boost to experience gained.

Q. Will there be a separate upgrade line for bags, grenades and other usable items?

A. No, these will be available separately from weapons.

If you don't see the answer to your question, it may be because there are still parts of the update that haven't been finalized yet.

We'll try to answer your other questions in the comments.

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