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Making Enlisted a Better Place №23

Each update of "Making Enlisted a Better Place" focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.

The improvements are mostly or even completely based on the feedback you have left in the special topics and discussions on our forums and social media platforms.

Smoothed camera

Another addition to the recent major animation upgrade to Enlisted. To keep it simple: now, if you aim immediately after moving to the lying down position, the camera doesn't make any unnecessary movements. It used to yank to the side.

Leave the plane!

Not too long ago, planes that have defensive turrets finally received crew to man them. But these guys, who were saving your life in the sky, did not leave your plane when your pilot was out of action and went down with the plane. Heroic, but dumb.

From now on, a doomed plane rocketing to the ground without a pilot will be a good motivator for the gunner and other crew members to parachute out. You will, of course, immediately take control of the surviving crew members and you'll be able to keep making trouble for your enemies and avenging your comrade for a while longer!

Plane burning hearts

Just in case you missed it: the engineering in Enlisted is deeper than it appears at first glance. Your plane's engine module is not just a box. It has a lubricating and cooling system and radiators. Just one small piece of shrapnel or a rifle bullet can mess up this system, eventually leading to overheating and jamming of the engine.

But previously you could only find out about such damage at the last moment, after a critical loss of thrust. Or by carefully watching the temperature and pressure indicators in the cockpit, which only a few people did. To most pilots this seemed like a bug.

Let's fix that and add another important indicator to the interface — a temperature gauge. You won't see it if the engine is functioning normally, but it will appear if the engine starts overheating.

Yellow is a reason to start worrying and cut back on the throttle. Orange — engine temperature is at a critical point. Red — the engine is sustaining damage. The indicator will not only show the presence of overheating, but will warn in advance about the leakage of oil or water as well.

Full list of changes

  • Fixed enemy hit registration on PCs with dual-core processors.
  • Fixed increased load on the client and server when building a bunch of sandbags next to the train in the Armored Train Escort mode.
  • Fixed several bugs regarding weapon positioning on bipods when trying to mount on sandbags.
  • Fixed a bug causing mines or explosive charges not to disappear from the soldier's inventory interface after they’ve been used.
  • Added indicators for cooling fluid and lubricant leaks to the aviation interface, as well as indicators for coolant, oil, and engine temperature. The indicator is displayed when dangerous temperatures are reached and when fluids leak.
  • Aircraft gunners now leave the plane with a parachute if the pilot is dead.
  • Fixed several problems with camera positioning when aiming while lying down.

We appreciate your feedback!

Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!

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