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Improved Movement Mechanics

Did you like the improved movement animations that were released in the recent update? Let us tell you a little more about these changes in more detail.

Every participant in the battles of Enlisted is constantly moving. What your movement and actions look like from the perspective of others has a large impact on the realism and immersion of the battlefield.


From now on, the weight of the soldier can more clearly be felt when jumping.

Get ready and up

  • Right at the start of the jump, the heavy weapon in the soldier's hands is lowered slightly. You can try jumping with a water bottle in your hands to see how the body uses this weight to maintain balance.
  • Mid-jump, control of the weapon returns, although the spread is greatly increased.
  • The moment you land, you feel the full weight of the soldier and their heavy equipment again: the weapon is lowered, and can’t be fired for a few milliseconds while the soldier readjusts their grip.

The jump is only a second, but these improvements make it look much more realistic. And of course for you it will just be a push of a button.

Get down!

Both according to your feedback and our understanding, the old prone animation was too fast and not as smooth and realistic looking as you would expect.

Transitional Animations

To make a soldier act more like a real person, they also have to feel heavy. Not to fall flat on the ground, but to carry their body weight in a clear and logical manner, first on the knee, and then to lay down fully.

This is exactly how we made the updated animation - we added an intermediate position of the body, through which the soldier will get down and up. Once the soldier starts getting up, they will push off from the ground with one hand.

In this case while in the process of laying down, aiming the weapon becomes impossible.

We made all of these improvements keeping the already familiar Enlisted gameplay in mind, which maintains the same dynamic, but has become more realistic.

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