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Happy Birthday, Enlisted!

On November 10, 2020, Enlisted closed beta testing began. It's been a year since that point, during which time you've participated in four famous campaigns and helped to create many improvements to our new game. Everything you see in Enlisted now is made possible by the support of the most united army of players.

On behalf of the whole team we salute you and invite you to celebrate the first Enlisted birthday!

Your gift!

May fortune be with you in battles, and we'll just help it a little bit. Fill up your army with a Hero and unique weapons in your favorite campaign - keep the gold orders for a soldier and a weapon!

From November 10th (13:00 UTC) until November 16th (13:00 UTC)

Golden Soldier order

For 1 battle in any campaign (will be given out only once).

Golden Weapon order

For 2 wins in any campaign (will be given out only once).

The Gold Order allows you to obtain the rarest weapons and soldier heroes from the Battle Pass. You will find the reward you received in the Logistics menu - in your order balance.

Sales in game!

It's a good time to stock up on supplies for the coming year. Holiday sales wait for you in the Logistics tab of each campaign.

From November 10th (13:00 UTC) until November 16th (13:00 UTC)

50% off PC bundles

50% off Squads for Gold for PC and consoles

  • "Invasion of Normandy": Squad Gewehr 41
  • "Battle of Berlin": Squad M4A2 (76) W
  • "Battle of Berlin": Squad Lebel 1886 M93
  • "Battle of Moscow": Squad Arisaka Karabiner, 1905
  • "Battle of Moscow": Squad BF 109 E-7
  • "Battle of Moscow": Squad М/28
  • "Battle of Berlin": Squad of 1944 Mosin Rifle
  • "Battle of Moscow": Squad I-16 Type 24
  • "Battle of Berlin": Squad Bf 109 G-14 with suspended cannons Mk108
  • "Battle of Berlin": Squad P-63A-10

30% off Squads for gold for PC and consoles

  • "Battle of Moscow": Squad Pz.38(t) F
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Squad M24
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Squad P-51 C10
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Squad Bf 109 G-6
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Squad MP 18
  • "Battle of Moscow": Squad PPT-27
  • "Battle of Moscow": Squad BA-11
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Squad Pz.III M
  • "Battle of Berlin": Squad Panther A
  • "Invasion of Normandy": M3 Squad Field Modification
  • "Invasion of Normandy": Squad Johnson M1941
  • "Battle of Moscow": Squad Beretta M1918

"Fiery November" is still available

The big operation with valuable rewards is still ongoing and you still have time to get a lot of the items. There are still 5 days to go with 8 tasks!

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