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Operation "Fiery November"

To arms, soldiers! We're announcing the start of our fall Operation on the eve of Enlisted's birthday, that we celebrate on the 10th of November! Complete the tasks in the Operation and get unique rewards: a squad of Gunners, a Panzerjäger IV and a P-47D-22 fighter in special camouflages, collectible cold steel arms, a Hero Soldier of the Assaulter class, and silver orders.

The Operation will be available from the 29th of October to the 15th of November, and its tasks can be completed in the battles of any campaign - make your choice!


Rewards are issued after a specified number of tasks are completed.

The 2nd New Zealand Division, 24th Battalion Squad (Allies, “Battle of Tunisia” campaign)

13 completed tasks

This is a squad of 4 Gunners II armed with the Charlton automatic rifle (light machine gun), an automatic weapon so often lacking in the new Enlisted campaign. The rifle has a handy sight, a large magazine for 30 rounds of rifle-caliber ammunition, and an average rate of fire.

Jagdpanzer IV (75 cm Pak 39 L/48) (Germany, “Battle of Berlin”)

11 completed tasks

A self-propelled artillery unit with excellent frontal armor and the penetrating Pak 39 cannon is familiar to all German tankers. The vehicle is well suited for hunting down enemy tanks, and thanks to the gun mounted on the right, experienced tankers will be able to hide almost the entire hull among the ruins of Berlin.

This Jagdpanzer IV can easily be distinguished from its upgradable version by its unique camouflage and decorations in the form of hinged tracks, sandbags, and improvised wooden screens on the sides of the vehicle. The appearance of this vehicle has become noticeably more brutal! You will definitely attract attention in such a vehicle.

P-47D-22 Razorback (USA, “Invasion of Normandy”)

8 completed tasks

The iconic P-47 Thunderbolt, one of the early modifications with the "Joan the Happy Hopper" pin-up and "Invasion Stripes". Typical of the Thunderbolt, the main armament has an astonishing: eight 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine guns, leaving zero chance for any potential enemy in the sky, plus a 500 pound bomb and six M8 rockets that can and should be used to destroy ground targets. An all-in-one, fast and tough. Available for a squad opened at level 18.

Hero Marsala Fasetti (Axis countries, “Battle of Tunisia”)

6 completed tasks

The Assaulter II of rank 4 can be added to any appropriate Squad. Like other soldiers, they are marked in the interface by a medal icon and have a unique appearance.

Collectible cold steel weapons

4 completed tasks and 9 completed tasks

Two prizes for completing 4 and 9 tasks. Collectible cold steel weapon tickets are good for any campaign and nation, including the Battle of Tunisia. This sabre or cavalry sabre is much more lethal than a simple knife.

Also 2, 15, 17, 19 and 21 completed tasks will bring you Silver Weapon and Soldier Orders.


In order to win rewards from the Operation, you must complete the tasks that are available in stages, one by one. The Operation has 7 stages that change every few days - hiding the old tasks and opening new ones.

For a task to count, it must be completed before the stage changes. If you don't have time to complete the task, it can be completed with Gold. The greater the progress of the task, the lower its value in Gold.

On the 29th of October at 13:00 UTC the Operation window will appear in the game, where you will find the current stage tasks.


Each stage can have from 2 to 4 tasks. Stages may vary in length.

During October 29 — 31

  • Earn 3000 experience in 1 battle
  • Obtain 2 wins in Squad Mode

From October 31 — till November 2

  • Be in the top 30% of the battle results
  • Earn 30 kills with bolt-action rifle

During November 2 — 4

  • Make 10 Headshot kills
  • Get 2 wins in the Invasion of Normandy campaign in squad mode
  • Destroy 4 tanks

During November 4 — 6

  • Earn 35 kills by controlling a tank
  • Earn 50 kills by shooting semi-automatic rifles
  • Be in the top 50% of the battle results

During November 6 — 9

  • Get 35 points for engineer builds
  • Get 3 wins in squad mode
  • Earn 10 kills with grenades

During November 9 — 12

  • Collect a total of 3 point captures or destructions in Destruction Mode
  • Earn 50 kills by shooting machine guns
  • Shoot down 4 planes
  • Achieve 1st place in the team by the battle results

During November 12 — 15

  • Earn 15 kills by shooting pistols or revolvers
  • Get 3 wins in the Battle of Tunisia campaign in Squad Mode
  • Earn 50 kills by firing submachine guns
  • Earn 30 kills by flying a plane

During November 15 — 18

  • No tasks are issued, but there is still time to purchase any missing ones for Gold and receive Operation Fiery November rewards.


  • Tasks are updated at 13:00 UTC. Uncompleted tasks are removed.
  • The battle with the task in progress must be completed before the time of the task change.
  • Operation tasks cannot be completed in the Custom Games mode.
  • Tasks may be completed for Gold, and the cost of completing a partially completed task is reduced.
  • Operation tasks can be completed in any Enlisted campaign, unless a specific campaign requirement is mentioned in the task description. 
  • A detailed description of the tasks is available in the Operation window in the game.
  • It is enough to complete 13 tasks out of 21 available tasks to get all the rewards of this Operation.


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