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Time to dig!

Today we’re happy to reveal a new feature of the upcoming major update in Enlisted. 

In this devblog, we will reveal some new ways to dynamically change the landscape itself right in the middle of the Battle of Tunisia , thanks to the new technology of the Dagor engine. So, in the next update you will have the potential to protect yourself and your allies in open ground, create a safe, undetected passage to the strategic zone and much more! 

After the update hits, you will be able to obtain a new item in logistics - the shovel. It can be equipped instead of a melee weapon and if used in battle on the ground you can dig a small pit to hide in - ideal for creating a defensive machine gun position or a secluded spot for sniping. 

However, you can dig even further - creating a hole up to 1.5 meters deep, this lets you create a trench and provides cover or an ambush site for your allies on the battlefield. 

Additionally, such trenches will do a great job of blocking the path of enemy vehicles.

All in all, there are many tactical uses of this feature for creating cover and tranches in the middle of battle. It will go a long way to make Enlisted fights even more diverse and dynamic, and add a lot of new options for playstyle. There are almost no limits to your creativity here - digging can be done almost anywhere apart from on solid rocks and inside buildings or existing tranches. These trenches and pits will become a nice defensive addition to other covers and obstacles built by Engineers.

More new content and features of the upcoming major update will be revealed in the following devblogs. Stay tuned and sharpen your shovels!

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