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“Battle Summer” Rewards

Greetings, soldiers! On the 9th of July we have a new operation starting in Enlisted with a number of great rewards, so let's take a look at them in more detail.

Assault Squad of the 14th Guards Infantry Division, 38th Guards Infantry Regiment (USSR, Battle of Berlin)

The 14th Guards Infantry Division was formed in december 1923 in Vinnitsa city as the 96th Vinnitsa Infantry Division. During the first battles officers and soldiers of the division proved worthy and held their ground against higher numbers of enemy soldiers. 

As the Berlin operation began, the division fought through the enemies defences at the Neuse and pushed forward towards the city of Berlin. 

This squad has 4 assaulters of rank IV and is armed with the Kalashnikov PPK-42 SMG. This squad however cannot alternate weaponry or soldiers, and also does not come with premium bonuses.


This rare SMG was born literally on the frontline. Actually, it was first designed in the war hospital by the future famous weapon creator Mikhail Kalashnikov. 

Being a tank commander and having vast battle experience, Mikhail Kalashnikov managed to design a very modern SMG, which was lighter, more compact and better performing than most of the SMGs the Red Army had at the time. 

Based on his blueprints, a few prototype examples of the weapon were made to be tested by the Main Artillery Commandment of the Red Army. 

The weapon was received well, but was considered too technically difficult for war-time mass production. In any case though, you can now test this rare piece yourself.

M5A1 “Rhino” (USA)

This modification was created to ease the movement of armored vehicles in Normandy. The heavy ‘tusks’ of Rhinos easily break through walls and fences of rural areas, making life much easier for the following infantry. In Enlisted, these tusks will also deal much more damage to enemy soldiers.

The Rhino also comes equipped with the new M51B1/B2 AP shell type, which is much better against armored targets than the standard M74B1 one of the regular Stuart!

This vehicle is fast and compact - making it easy to cut through enemy defences and evading dynamite packs thrown by infantry. 

The M5A1 “Rhino” is available for the American army in the “Invasion of Normandy'' campaign. 

Focke-Wulf Fw 189 (Germany)

This light recon aircraft was well known on the Eastern front. It’s appearance over Red Army lines usually meant incoming artillery fire or heavy bombing runs. 

Despite primarily being a recon plane, with a light airframe and low maximum speed, the aircraft turned out very long-lasting and highly maneuverable. Also, it could fire back at any would-be attacker: both in the air and on the ground. It comes with two light 7.62 mm machine guns and 4 50-kilo bombs that drop in pairs - still a powerful set of ordnance in Enlisted battles.

Additionally, this craft had a rather effective rear gunner! Soon we will introduce aircraft gunners in Enlisted - so prepare additional crew members for your air squads in the near future for full combat effectiveness!

The Focke-Wulf Fw 189 will be available for the German army in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign and can be used by any Attacker pilot squad. 

Collectible cold steel weapon

By the beginning of the Second World War, sabers, swords and other long cold steel blades slowly drifted towards more reward type weapons used with dress uniforms. Still, they were no less deadly in close combat - if utilized well. 

In Operation “Battle Summer” you can get one order for any of the presented collectible cold steel weapons and choose the one you want to use in the game. You can give it to any soldier of the corresponding army, but we recommend giving it to soldiers with the best running speed and stamina, so that it can be used swiftly and aggressively. 

Choose your favorite:

  • Russian Cavalry Sword M1927
  • German Officer Sword
  • M1902 Army Officers' Saber

“Battle Summer” will start on the 9th of July at 13:00 GMT. You will see a new window with tasks and rewards in the Enlisted game client!

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