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Operation “Battle Summer”

Prepare for a massive operation in Enlisted, taking place from July 9th until July 19th!

Get unique weapons, squads and vehicles: PPK-42 squad, light tank M5A1 “Rhino” modification, reconnaissance aircraft Fw 189 with bombs, rare melee weapons and silver orders. 

From July 9th 13:00 GMT until July 19th 13:00 GMT complete event tasks and earn rewards!

July 19-22

Event Rewards can still be obtained for Gold.


Assault squad 14 GID (USSR, “Battle of Berlin”)

For 8 tasks

Squad of the 14th Guards Infantry Division, 38th Guards Infantry Regiment with 4 assaulters of rank IV, armed with Kalashnikov SMGs (PPK-42).

PPK-42 — a lightweight, compact and easy to handle SMG with a 25-round magazine and the ability to switch to semi-automatic firing mode.

M5A1 “Rhino” (USA, “Invasion of Normandy”)

For 7 tasks

This modification of the American “Stuart” not only looks deadly, but also carries improved armor-piercing shells. Dreadful “tusks” have been installed for easier fence destruction and deal additional damage to enemy infantry. 

Collectible cold steel weapons for any country

For 5 tasks

You can unlock one of these collectible rare melee weapons: the 1927 Russian Cavalry Sword , the Officer sword for Germany or the 1902 military sabre for the US — choose your favorite!

Focke-Wulf Fw 189 (Germany, “Battle for Moscow”)

For 4 tasks

The Fw 189 is a light recon aircraft equipped with two 7.92-mm machine guns and 4 50 kg bombs that drop in pairs. It offers great agility and wide viewing angles for the pilot.

You will also get silver orders for troops and weapons after completing the first two tasks.


On July 9th at 13:00 GMT a new event window will appear in the lobby. All rewards are unlocked for completing the required number of tasks.


All tasks are completed one by one and are available for 2 days - before they change.

July 9th — 11th 

  • Rifle kills
  • Victories in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign.

July 11th — 13th

  • Place in the top-50% in battle 
  • Melee kills

July 13th — 15th

  • Victories in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign.
  • Tanks destruction
  • Semi-auto rifle kills

July 15th — 17th

  • Victories in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign
  • Tank kills
  • Place in the top-30% in battle
  • Grenade kills

July 17th — 19th

  • SMG kills
  • Earning points as an Engineer
  • Aircraft kills
  • Finishing 1st place in battle

July 19-22

  • You may still skip tasks for Golden Eagles and receive rewards in accordance to the rules.

Complete tasks, unlock new stages and claim your rewards!


Tasks are renewed every 2 days at 13:00 GMT. All unfinished tasks are deleted at that time.

  • The battle in which you complete a task must conclude before the task-changing time. 
  • You can complete any task with gold, and the more progress you make towards a task's completion, the cheaper it becomes. 
  • You can complete tasks in any campaign and any multiplayer mode in Enlisted unless a specific campaign is stated in the task itself. 
  • You can find detailed task descriptions in the event menu in the game client. 
  • To earn all of the event rewards you only need to complete 8 tasks!
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