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Berlin - the start of open beta!

We are happy to announce the end of the closed beta test of our third Enlisted campaign - the Battle for Berlin! We can now welcome all players to fight for the heart of the German capital. We want to give a huge thank you to the participants of the CBT that helped us to prepare the most epic campaign in the game so far!

With the arrival of this update, Battle for Berlin progress is unlocked for all Enlisted players. Reach new levels, upgrade squads and soldiers, and fight!

To prepare for the Berlin OBT, we have expanded the choice of squads, weapons and vehicles for additional 11 levels. You now have access to flamethrowers, powerful automatic weapons and modern fighters in the skies like the Bf109 G-10 and Yak-9T.

Premium squads

The Berlin campaign will keep expanding and you will have even more weapons, squads and vehicles to unlock for each side of the battle. To make this process faster, you can utilize the new premium engineer squads, earning +100% xp points towards campaign progress.

Enlisted - "Battle of Berlin": Engineers Bundle with 15% discount

Enlisted -

The Bundle Includes:
  • A premium squad of the 54th Sapper Battalion in the 5th Rifle Division of the Red Army for the Soviet Armed Forces in the Berlin campaign;
  • The SKS-44 semi-automatic carbine (available for this squad only);
  • A premium squad of the 17th Pioneer Battalion in the 17th Infantry Division for the Wehrmacht forces in the Berlin campaign;
  • The Kbsp wz.38M semi-automatic rifle (available for this squad only);
  • 400 Gold.

Each premium squad soldier is equipped with unique weapon:

Kbsp wz.38M (Germany)

A Polish semi-auto rifle with powerful ammo, bringing it close to damage output of some of the bolt-action rifles in the game,  featuring a 10-round magazine.


A Semi-auto carbine developed by the end of the war for the new 

intermediate cartridge of the Red Army. Equipped with a non-detachable magazine for 5 rounds. High bullet velocity allows accurate shooting at fast moving targets.

Second season of the Battle Pass

The new season starts today and will give you many new prizes: unique weapons, soldiers, vehicles and much more!

New mission “Lehrter Bahnhof”

In the Berlin campaign you already had access to eight missions in different game modes, and with the launch of the OBT you can now fight in brand new ones as well:

The most attentive CBT players have noticed this large building during the Spree river bridge crossing. Now it is time to go inside. Though the building itself did not survive into our times, you can still see it in the new missions of the Berlin campaign. This is the location where the Wehrmacht will go on the counter-offensive in the “Invasion” mode, where it will be the Red Army holding their ground and defending at this strategic location. 

To get the scale of the building - just hear the clamping of the tank caterpillars. The train station was large enough to use armored vehicles inside! Apart from large platforms with stationary locomotives, those who like covert maneuvers will find a lot of administrative buildings to use as cover. 

The station is also used in the “Assault” mode. See you at the station, make sure to bring your tickets!

All participants of the Battle for Berlin CBT will get a special forum badge award.

Full change list


Missions and campaigns

  • New levels, squads, weapons and vehicles have been added for the “Battle for Berlin” campaign.
  • "Lehrter Bahnhof (Invasion) mission has been added to the “Battle for Berlin” campaign.
  • "Lehrter Bahnhof” (Conquest) mission has been added to the “Battle for Berlin” campaign. 


  • New weaponry for the “Battle for Berlin” campaign
    • USSR: ROKS-2; DPM, PPD-40, AVS-36, DT-29, Sniper SVT-40, PPSh-41.
    • Germany: Flammenwerfer 35, MG 42, VG 1-5, FG-42, MG 34 with patronentrommel 34 magazine, Sniper Gewehr 43, Beretta M38 (40 rounds).
  • New weaponry for the Battle Pass
    • The Degtyarev PDM-42 submachine gun.
    • The Finnish KP-26 submachine gun designed by Aimo Lahti.
    • An Experimental design based on the Gewehr 43 rifle with the 7.9mm Kurz round and a 30-round magazine.  
    • A Fully automatic airborne modification of M2A1 Carbine.
  • Other changes
    • The starting weapon for the soldiers in the “Battle for Berlin” campaign has been changed from VG.2 to Kar98k Kriegsmodell. VG.2 is now the weapon of the first squad. Also due to the change the starting level of the Kar98k Kriegsmodell is now zero and for the VG.2 it starts from 1 star.
    • VG 2 — Weapon model has been replaced by an authentic one.
    • Browning M1918A2 — Recoil control has been slightly improved.


  • New aircraft in the “Battle for Berlin” campaign:
    • USSR: Yak-3, Il-2М type 3, Yak-9T, P-63A-10 (premium).
    • Germany: BF 109 G-14, Bf 109 G-10, Me 410 B-1, Bf 109 G-14 with suspended Mk108 cannons (premium).
  • New ground vehicles in the “Battle for Berlin” campaign:
    • USSR: SU-85M.
    • Germany: Panzer IV/70 (A).
  • Following vehicles have been added as Battle Pass awards:
    • The T-50, M8, Pz IV H, T-34-85, Panther G tank modifications with special camouflages and technical characteristics (and decorations in the case of the Panther G).


New squads have been added to the “Battle for Berlin” campaign:

  • USSR: 137th Infantry Division; (308th assault aviation division) 948th Assault Aviation Regiment; (269th infantry division) 1020th Infantry Regiment; 566th Infantry Regiment; (12th guards fighter aviation division) 156th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (premium); (269th fighter aviation division) 287th Fighter Aviation Regiment; 5th Rifle Division, 54th Sapper Battalion (premium).
  • Germany: 9th Parachute Division, 27th Parachute Regiment; (11th PD) 11th Pioneer Battalion; Schlachtgeschwader 3, II./SG3; (5th LID) 56th Infantry Regiment; (Jagdgeschwader 4) III./JG 4 (premium); (Jagdgeschwader 301) I./JG301, 17th Infantry Division, 17th Pioneer BattalioN (premium).

Gameplay and other changes

  • The ability to change a soldier’s callsign in the equipment window has been added. The new callsign will replace the soldier’s name in the interface of the game.
  • The Battle Pass window interface has been improved.
  • 6 new unique fifth-rank soldiers have been added as Battle Pass rewards. One for each army in every available campaign of the game..
  • The area for the control of the aircraft by using the mouse has been expanded: up to 45 degrees horizontally and 35 degrees vertically.
  • The visual display of grenades when thrown has been improved.
  • Gamepad vibration in the game has been improved.
  • Consoles: Crossplay information has been added to the statistics window in battle and to the debriefing as well. 
  • Improved the visuals of wounds and other injuries to soldiers. Head wounds now look more realistic, and bruises and other new types of wounds have been added.
  • Fixed the appearance of the collar patches on the uniforms of the 148th Tank Regiment of the USSR in the “Battle for Moscow“ campaign.


  • Fixed the explosion effect of tank shells.
  • Added correct bomb blast effect.
  • Added an air combat zone for aviation in the “Fortified district (Conquest)“ mission for the “Battle for Moscow“ campaign.
  • Fixed a bug in the game menu in Practice mode when clicking the squad change button in the squad change interface.
  • Fixed a bug that caused spectator mode to sometimes turn on when a player-controlled soldier was still alive. In this case a message appeared that the player is observing themselves.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused aircraft to stop replenishing rockets and bombs up to their maximum capacity on the replenishment point.
  • Fixed the ability to change the grenade during the throw.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the artillery strike to stop working after the statistics window was opened.
  • Fixed the frontal armor image of the T-26.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons to be picked up without ammo, modifications, or a scope.
  • Fixed the visualization of the air combat zone on the mini-map while controlling an aircraft in the “Airfield (Invasion)“ mission.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a Molotov to pass through the ground.
  • Fixed graphic artifacts on the ammunition belts of some tanks' machine guns.
  • Corrected the order in which crew seats are displayed on the vehicle crew panel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AI fighters to be inactive on re-spawn points.
  • Fixed a bug causing the incorrect display of ripped off limbs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player's weapon to hang in the air when switching to a tank squad in the "Training“ mission.
  • The suspended weaponry of the Ju 87 D-5 has been adjusted, it is now equipped with 4x50 kg and 1x250 kg.
  • Replaced the anti-tank guns that the engineer can build in the “Battle for Berlin“ campaign: the Pak40 for the Germans and a captured Pak40 for the Allies.
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