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Upgrades to the Battle Pass in Enlisted

We are implementing a number of substantial upgrades and improvements to the Battle Pass. The new season will start on June 24th, meaning you have two more days to finish the current season! In the next season we will deploy a number of improvements and new types of rewards.

The rewards will soon become more varied. Apart from the already familiar silver and golden orders for soldiers and weapons, orders for squad upgrade changes, Academy orders and game gold, you will be able to get:

  • Orders for soldier level increase;
  • Orders for weapon upgrades;
  • Order to change soldier’s callsign
  • Unique posters for the Battle Pass.

Also, we have added new unique weapons to the rewards tree:


An Experimental rare SMG by Degtyarev - the PDM-42, in 7.62 mm caliber. It was considered as a replacement for PPSh, but lost to Sudaev’s PPS-42. It will be available for the Red Army in the Battle for Moscow and Battle for Berlin campaigns.

M2A1 Carbine

A Fully automatic modification of the M1A1 Carbine, produced for the US marines. An ancestor of the personal defence weapons concept. This example will be available to the US Army in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.


The Finnish SMG KP-26 by Aimo Lahti. It was a prototype for the entire "Suomi" SMG line. It will be available for the Wehrmacht in the Battle for Moscow campaign.

Gewehr 43 with 7.9 mm Kurz

An Experimental rifle based on Gewehr 43 with 7.9 mm Kurz ammo and a 30-round magazine. It will be available for the Wehrmacht in the Invasion of Normandy and Battle for Berlin campaigns.

New unique soldiers of Rank V

In the new Battle Pass season you will also get six new unique soldiers of Rank V - one for every side of every campaign currently in the game. 

  • Pavel Golichinkov, Red Army sniper, Battle for Moscow;
  • Gerbert Heins, Wehrmacht sniper, Battle for Moscow;
  • Denis Dotsenko, bomber of the Red Army, Battle for Berlin;
  • Erwin Reihm, Wehrmacht bomber, Battle for Berlin;
  • Rolland McCreed, US Army tanker, Invasion of Normandy;
  • Claus Kargeneck, Wehrmacht tanker, Invasion of Normandy;

5 new tanks and one aircraft

  • Tank Т-50 (Battle for Moscow, USSR)
  • Fighter Bf-110 (Battle for Moscow, Germany)
  • Tank M8 (Invasion of Normandy, USA)
  • Tank Pz IV H (Invasion of Normandy, Germany)
  • Tank T-34-85 (Battle for Berlin, USSR)
  • Tank Panther G (Battle for Berlin, Germany)

All of these vehicles feature unique camouflages, some technical modifications and are delivered to you fully upgraded.

Also, we have redesigned and improved the Battle Pass window interface itself. 

As for the unique weapons and soldiers of the current season of the Battle Pass, they will be available for purchase with golden orders and Enlisted gold during the next season.

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