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Important reports

Update ( — Xbox, Playstation)


In this update we have added several missions in the Battle of Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns, as well as implementing many of your requests and improvements. 

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New Weapons: Land Mines

CBT is ending, Hurry and get a Founder Pack

Rewards, battle tasks, changes in progress and logistics for squads and soldiers

Battle Pass will become the main way to obtain new soldiers, weapons and useful ammunition. In the rewards you will find unique weapons, high-rank soldiers, skins for vehicles, experience boosters and many other cool items!

Update - PS5)

PC, PS5: New music has been added to the game. Xbox: Graphical artifacts in the tank cockpit in high performance mode have been fixed.


Fixed captured point icon being displayed as neutral. Fixed loading process not being displayed whilst getting reinforcements or supplies in Logistics.

Update ( - PS5, - Xbox)

We continue to improve AI-soldier behavior, add authentic weapon models and polish the game mechanics.

Premium machine gunners in the Gaijin.Net store!

Server update 17.03.2021

Cross-play between PC and consoles has been disabled by popular demand. Now PC players play amongst themselves and console players play only amongst themselves.


Added mark about new campaign availability. Added icon in Logistics menu when you receive new orders for supplies or reinforcements. Only a single explosive pack is required now instead of two to destroy worn-out parts of walls.


The position of the tutorial area and the location of items in the tutorial missions for “Invasion of Normandy” campaign have been changed. Default control settings have been changed.

Core current tasks

We continue to share some thoughts about the Enlisted development process and our current plans.


Improved the movement physics of soldiers. Added a button to switch campaigns in the main menu. Armament specs are now grouped together in vehicle descriptions.

Twitch Drops rewards for War Thunder and Enlisted this weekend!

On the occasion of the start of the Closed Beta Testing of Enlisted on PlayStation®5 and the introduction of the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign, we have prepared rewards for those playing Enlisted and War Thunder!


A bug in the mission Ruins of Vaux (Conquest) where points captured by the teams were defined incorrectly has been fixed. A bug where orders received after a battle for troops did not show has been fixed. The issue occured with players whose progress was returned to the 18th level in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign. Currently, we are working on returning any missing orders to players.

Enlisted Major Update: PlayStation 5 and launch of the Normandy Campaign