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Ampulomets for the Specialists!

You’re already well acquainted with heavy machine guns that can only be built by engineers in machine gunner squads. This way of distributing powerful weapons allows us to make specialist classes even more unique, and gives more tactical flexibility to commanders.

Tullio Marengoni Birthday

From April 7th to April 10th (13:00 UTC), you will get a 30% discount on Axis premium squads with Beretta guns for Gold.

Battle of Königsberg

Firestorm in Moscow and Berlin

New class: paratroopers

Tank stabilizers!

“TITAN RISE” — open test

All systems go, commanders

Temporarily available: MP 40/1 Squad

From the 24th of March (13:00 UTC) to the 27th of March (13:00 UTC), a premium Axis squad armed with MP 40/1 submachine guns will be available in the Battle of Berlin campaign for Gold.

Combat notes: Mines

Mods Digest: Amazing worlds

More of the new Enlisted

Temporarily available: Chauchat Squad

From the 17th of March (13:00 UTC) to the 20th of March (13:00 UTC): a premium Allied squad armed with Chauchat machine guns is available for Gold in the Battle for Moscow campaign.


For all missions, the aircraft respawn point has been further distanced from the closest capture point. Reduced the border line of the capture point.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №34