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Development report №1

In this report we will share some of our current plans for improving Enlisted. These improvements are all based on the feedback and suggestions you've left for us.

Battle tasks

We have already released the first update, in which we added several new Battle Tasks and streamlined their overall mechanics. However, we still have some further improvements planned.

Soon we will improve several current tasks. For example, the task for building fortifications - It will only count fortifications that have been useful in some way to the team (built near the battle areas, used by squadmates etc) and not just built out of battle. This makes it so one player's task will benefit the entire team!

Let's add more tasks! We aim to make these tasks more varied overall, we will focus less on tasks that require a certain weapon for example.

We also plan to change tasks so that two identical or similar tasks won't be active at the same time. In addition, we will also develop a convenient way for you to check your currently active Battle Tasks while in the battle itself.

Subordinate Command

Besides improving the overall battle performance, shooting, and threat response of your AI squad, we are also improving the command system itself.

So in the future you will be able to set the rules of engagement for your squad:

  • Aggressive — Taking out enemy soldiers is the highest priority.  When enemies enter the line of sight of your squad, your soldiers will immediately open fire.
  • Defensive — In battle, your soldiers will try to take cover first and then return fire. This is how they are currently set to behave, and this pattern of behaviour will be standard.
  • Passive — Your soldiers will only engage if they are fired at first. This will be very helpful for those of you that prefer quiet flanking manoeuvres - your soldiers won't give you away early.

For the long term, we'll implement the ability to give individual commands to soldiers - for example, to place them at specific points around a defensive position.

Remember that you can already command your squad to move in a wider formation, or to stay next to the commander. The quick commands menu can be activated by pressing Alt for PCs and D-pad up (hold) for consoles.


Currently we are working on improving the soldier's ability to scale and traverse obstacles on the move. This fix will affect most obstacles including windows and other openings.

We will also make climbing up and down ladders much smoother and faster, and additionally allowing you to jump off at any time by using the Space Bar. We will also remove the option to aim while jumping as well.

Another planned improvement is based on a lot of mixed feedback regarding the mechanics of strafing (moving sideways). The current implementation works in such a way that sideways movement is very slow when compared to forward movement. We originally did this to prevent the possibility of unrealistically dodging incoming fire. We have no concrete plans to change the current system yet, but we are going to experiment with other possible solutions that would increase the comfort of controlling your soldier, while simultaneously minimizing the ability to dodge incoming fire in unrealistic ways.

Other improvements

  • We will expand the viewing angle (FOV) settings. 
  • We will turn on by default the ability to move in a crouch by holding a button, rather than just pressing the crouch button once. You will be always able to choose how exactly the crouch button will affect the character’s behavior.
  • We will remove the ability to destroy allied rally points and allow you to build multiple allied points closer to each other. In this case on the map - points that are close to each other will be displayed as one single point and you will respawn randomly at one of them.

We’re always open to suggestions!

We have listed only a few of the most interesting improvements that we plan to implement based on your feedback. We have many more changes in development, stay tuned!

We will continue to collect you comments and feedback on our social media and on the official forum. Play Enlisted and share your ideas with us!

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