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Improvements to Battle Tasks and Achievements

We’re currently hard at work improving the Battle Tasks and Achievement system.

We are in the process of adding new achievements to the game, which will help players get a better understanding of various game mechanics, while also rewarding them with up to 16 additional silver logistics orders. These achievements will include such tasks as - killing enemies with a certain weapon type, building certain structures as an engineer, progressing through the campaign and many more.

As for Battle Tasks, they will now always swap the type of reward offered upon completion - with no randomness involved. For example, if you have just finished a task rewarding you with a weapon supply order, the new task that replaces it will always reward you with a personnel supply order.

In addition, we are also lowering the random factor in the difficulty of Battle Tasks. In Enlisted, the Battle Tasks you receive will differ in complexity. Some are very simple, allowing them to be completed by novice players in around 1-2 battles. Some however are difficult and require more time to complete, relying more on skill, or even playing certain campaigns or game modes. We will ensure that you always have at least one of the easier tasks in the todo list at any given time, so every player will always have a task they’re able to complete, with no hard skill requirement.

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