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18 January 2017

We have chosen a very unusual distribution scheme at the start of the project - separate paid campaigns with free trial access. Such an approach allows us to implement the battles of WW2 in greater detail. The Battle of Moscow - is not a single map but several fields of battle, accurately equipped soldiers including the weaponry that took part in the battle.  

The downside of this approach is that separate paid campaigns may deter players, the very fact of the game being paid for puts some sort of a barrier between us, the developers, and our audience. In order to know your opinion, we used the principle of “open development” and included a question that may considerably affect Enlisted. “Would you like the game to become free-2-play after the end of early access and the CBT period?” 

Your replies showed the vast majority (two-thirds) of the audience prefer the free-2-play approach. This means 2 things - firstly, we need to adapt our initial distribution model without losing the idea of the detailed elaboration and secondly, our approach to the open development has already proven itself. 

Such a change in the distribution model also requires a change in the design. This is why it will take us some time to prepare and implement new goals, to adapt them to a new distribution model. What is left unchanged is our course towards wide scale and realism and also the open development of Enlisted. The poll-winning goals - “The Battle of Stalingrad” and controllable vehicles will remain are the goals of our development now. 

If you are supporter of the Tunisian Campaign, please read.

New screenshots from the pre-alpha version of the game:

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