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Reinforcements received: Rocket Storm!

In the "Reinforcements received" events, you’ll upgrade your army with unique and well-armed squads, rare weapons, vehicles and always-useful items. Main rewards will help you unlock content that normally takes more time to reach in a regular lineup.

This time, radio operators will join the ranks of your army, who will also have access to the new, unique artillery support - rocket strike!

From June 24th (13:00 UTC) to July 26th (13:00 UTC), get battle score in battles and move up the rewards ladder! You have two days to complete each task!


You'll get rewards during the whole event, and the further you progress through it, the more valuable they'll become. You can easily skip a few tasks and still get the main rewards!

Main Rewards

As you complete stages, you will receive unique radio operator squads that you can arm however you like!

Radio operator squads with rocket strike (All countries)
Radio operator squads with rocket strike (All countries)

These squads, one for each country, all have access to the newly added rocket strike.

The rocket strike has its own peculiarities: it lasts longer - 8 seconds versus the 4.5 of the normal artillery strike, but more rockets are fired during this time - 24 launches compared to 19 shells. Moreover, the rockets pose a greater risk to vehicles in case of a direct hit.

Note that the call timers for the regular artillery strike and the rocket strike are shared.

Each squad has 4 radio operators and an engineer with a wide range of buildable structures. You can change the weapons and equipment of these soldiers, and the BR of the squad alongside with them.


  • Tasks are updated every two days at 13:00 UTC, and the scoring starts again. Be sure to collect your reward before then, if you have managed to accumulate the required number of battle points, otherwise the task will not count.
  • The task can be completed in the Squads mode.
  • From July 26th (13:00 UTC) to July 28th (13:00 UTC), after the end of the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase any missing rewards for Gold.
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