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Try out the reworked matchmaking

Commanders, we are starting to test additions to the rules for creating matches, which will result in some battles being created with opponents who can differ from your Battle Rating by no more than one! You can read about the rules of the new system and the testing conditions below.

Dynamic BR brackets

Currently there are 5 different Battle Ratings in Enlisted and players can get into BR 1-3 or BR 3-5 matches, depending on the BR of their army.

We are adding a new "soft rule": if there are enough players in the queue, matches with a narrower BR spread can be created: BR 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5. In other words, we are doubling the accuracy of matchmaking!

In order to make this new rule more efficient and more likely to be applied, the maximum time a player can wait in the queue will slightly increase - so the matchmaker can gather enough players to start a battle with a narrower BR range.

Even under these conditions, if there are not enough players due to an unpopular country or BR, then the matchmaker will simply create a session according to the classic rules.

About the test

Matchmaking is server-side, so you don't even need to update the client. Just play and share your impressions, and we will collect your feedback and analyze the results.

There is also no need to redo your army lineups. Everything else will remain unchanged, and in case you forgot, we have a detailed video about BR.

During the test, we may change the logic of this new mechanism or temporarily disable it for technical improvements. After the end of the test, we will definitely tell you about the results and the decisions made.

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