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Improving the recoil calculation formula

In one of the future "Making Enlisted a Better Place" updates, the recoil of all firearms will become more predictable. We'll explain how it works now and what will change.

About recoil and dispersion in detail

The recoil and dispersion mechanics in Enlisted aim to replicate the real behavior of firearms, this includes calculating the dispersion of each individual bullet and the recoil pattern of automatic weapons, as well as a formula that introduces randomness into the recoil pattern.

These factors are responsible for simulating the design and operational characteristics of weapons.

Bullet dispersion is caused by imperfections in the weapon’s mechanism and the basic laws of physics - a long-barreled bolt-action rifle can fire a single bullet much more accurately than a submachine gun with a shorter barrel with lots of moving components.

The recoil pattern is different for every automatic weapon and unique to each model. Even under the influence of a number of random factors, multiple continuous bursts fired from a machine gun or assault rifle will create similar hit patterns on the target. This pattern is affected by the momentum of each shot, the movement and impact of the bolt and other components, the direction of the released gases, and even your soldier's desire to control the recoil.

In addition to the two factors mentioned above, Enlisted also uses a formula that introduces an error into the recoil patterns. With its help, we simulate the small differences in the assembly of each weapon - quality during World War II was not consistent.

However, this ultimately has a negative impact on the experience of using a gun  - it makes it almost impossible to get used to your favorite gun, because the recoil pattern changes with each battle.

Hit patterns of the MG-42 in three different battles. Left - with the random pattern formula. Right - without the formula.
Hit patterns of the MG-42 in three different battles. Left - with the random pattern formula. Right - without the formula.

After reading your feedback about this feature, we decided to remove it. The recoil pattern of automatic weapons will continue to be affected by the dispersion of each individual bullet, but without the random formula, the shooting experience will not change drastically from battle to battle. Any subsequent adjustments to recoil and dispersion will be listed in the patch notes and game client files, if such changes are made.

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