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Temporarily available: Tokarev’s Legacy

One of the most famous creations of Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev was the SVT - a semi-auto rifle of his design. Other gunsmiths and Tokarev himself repeatedly attempted to improve it, but not all of these modifications became widespread.

From June 13th (15:00 UTC) to June 16th (15:00 UTC), a unique premium squad with the rare modification of Tokarev’s rifle for the USSR will temporarily return to the shop for Gold!

Riflemen with AKT-40 (BR IV)

The squad is armed with AKT-40s - an automatic carbine based on the SVT-40. Tokarev submitted it for testing in 1940 and it was intended for the same purposes as the full-size rifle - but it was lighter, shorter, and capable of automatic fire at 660 rounds per minute.

The carbine is fitted with a bayonet and uses the same 10-round magazines as the SVT. The squad consists of 9 rifleman class soldiers.

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