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Testing the "Rzhev" update

The test server is available from June 6th 14:50 (UTC) to June 10th 07:00 (UTC)!

Download the test server client | Preliminary patch notes | Report a bug! 

What is a Test Server

This is a separate game server to which your account is copied. The next update is already available on this server, and every Enlisted player on PC can participate in testing it before the official release. To get on the server, you need to download a special client and install it separately from the main game client.

The actions performed on the test server and the earned progression will not be transferred to the main game server.

Your feedback is important

This is the main purpose of testing — to find and fix bugs in the upcoming update before its release, and to discuss with you ideas on how to make the update even better.

Feel free to leave your feedback on the update in the preliminary patch notes’ topic, and any bugs you find can be submitted via the link in the header of this announcement.

Thank you for helping us make Enlisted better!

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