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Temporarily available: USA squads with legendary weapons!

The Allied landings in Normandy on June 6th, 1944 required a massive effort, not just from the command and intelligence, but also from the different branches of the military.

From June 6th (13:00 UTC) to June 10th (13:00 UTC), several unique premium squads for the USA will temporarily return to the shop for Gold!

Collectible machine gunner squad with Browning M1918 (BR III)

The squad is armed with the early variant of the Browning light machine gun without a bipod. This variant was used by the USA in World War I. The M1918 was designed to be used by soldiers during an assault advance — and in Enlisted, it performs precisely as an assault weapon should.

The squad consists of 4 machine gunners and there is an extra slot for an engineer.

Assaulters with Thompson M1928 USMC (BR II)

These soldiers are holding the famous "Tommy gun" with a 20-round magazine used by the US Marine Corps. Thanks to its convenient open sights and a foregrip to reduce recoil, it’s one of the most easily controlled submachine guns in its family.

The squad has 4 assaulters and an engineer with a wide range of buildable structures.

Fighter pilot with P-40E-1 (BR II)

Take control of this legendary American fighter-bomber! This aircraft boasts excellent top speed and formidable armaments against both air and ground targets. After all, six 12.7mm machine guns, one 500-pound bomb and two 100-pound bombs pack quite a punch!

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