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Weapons and vehicles of the "Rzhev" update

The novelties of the "Rzhev" update will surely leave no one indifferent: very big guns and interesting new vehicles — for all countries. Let us tell you about them! 

KV-2 (1940) (BR IV) | USSR

It needs no introductions. The legend with its 152mm howitzer is now in Enlisted!

The Kliment Voroshilov tanks were a deadly surprise for the Germans at the beginning of the war. Almost impenetrable to early German guns, these machines could single-handedly hold off the advance of dozens of tanks.

The KV-2 is an assault modification of the legendary vehicle. Not every heavy tank can withstand the 5 kilograms of explosives in its shell. The presented 1940 modification has a machine gun in the turret — so you won’t get bored while reloading.

The tank is crewed by 6 well-trained tankers and the squad will be purchasable for Gold in the game.

8,8 cm Flak 37 Sfl. (BR IV) | Germany

The Flak 37, which can shoot down aircraft and tear armored targets to shreds in direct fire mode with equal ease, is an anti-aircraft gun and the main armament of this heavy tractor. You are already familiar with the capabilities of the 8,8 cm cannon, which is similar to the Tiger’s.

The open platform significantly simplifies the gun crew's work, so you can expect a much faster reload rate compared to the Tiger tank.

The crew of the tractor is also well-protected. The driver and commander are in an armored cabin, while the gunners are behind a sturdy gun shield.

One piece of advice though: when turning sideways, be mindful of the ammunition stowed in the rear box. The crew consists of 6 tankers, and the squad will be purchasable for Gold in the game.

And now on to the novelties that you can unlock. You can find these in the research trees of their respective countries!


I-185 (М82) (BR V)


This Soviet monoplane with 20mm cannons becomes the new top fighter in the USSR's research tree.

It has quite decent maneuverability and thrust-to-weight ratio - after turning it can easily reach its maximum speed again.

Its three 20mm cannons are loaded with 560 rounds, while two 250kg bombs await their turn under the wings.

Т-34-57 (1943) (BR III)


A new addition for the middle Battle Rating!

A late T-34 variant with a hexagonal turret and a 57mm cannon - good penetration and fire rate. Its arsenal includes armor-piercing high-explosive ballistic capped and high-explosive shells.

In all other aspects, the tank shares the advantages of other T-34s: decent armor against early German guns, good mobility and off-road capability.

Important! You'll find this vehicle in the folder alongside the T-34 (1941). This means that this tank is an optional research.



One of the most mass-produced modifications of the Pz.IV tank — with reinforced frontal hull armor and minor cosmetic changes compared to the previous F2 modification.

This variant differs from the Stalingrad version in its limited selection of shells (armor-piercing capped ballistic capped and high-explosive) and the lack of additional track armor on the upper hull plate.

Owners of the old "Battle of Stalingrad - Full access pack": The old Pz.IV G will be renamed to Pz.IV G "Stalingrad" and will receive armor-piercing capped ballistic capped, high-explosive anti-tank, and armor-piercing composite rigid shells, a corresponding designation in the kill log, as well as a few decorative changes to make it stand out on the battlefield.


T20 rifle (BR V)


The long-awaited automatic rifle for the Western Allies chambered for a full-size cartridge.

This experimental rifle combines the Garand’s damage with a decent 710 rounds per minute fire rate (when upgraded). The key difference of this early version from the T20E1 is the absence of a bipod and firing from an open bolt.

M4A3E2 (76) W (BR V)


The Jumbo has the strongest frontal hull armor among the tanks of its family, but not the best gun. Its long-barreled version was long overdue.

The 76mm gun with armor-piercing capped ballistic capped, high-explosive and armor-piercing composite rigid shells in its arsenal makes it a real threat to Panthers and other German tanks, which will have a hard time penetrating it anywhere except for its weak spots.




This Swiss machine gun from SIG, exported to many countries, traveled through numerous battlefields, just to eventually end up in the hands of soldiers of the Japanese army.

In terms of damage and rate of fire, it’s similar to the American Brownings, and even surpasses them in magazine capacity. 25 rounds - not kidding.

Chi-To (BR IV)


A Japanese tank with a long barrel cannon capable of engaging most American Shermans. It’s based on the Chi-Nu tank, the similarity in the hull’s shape is easily noticeable. At the same time, the tank received a bit more armor protection and almost did not lose any of its mobility.

In the research tree, it is placed directly before the Ho-Ri Production.

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