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Update ( - PS5, - Xbox)

We continue to improve AI-soldier behavior, add authentic weapon models and polish the game mechanics.

Training mode

  • New players can now go through a full training camp:
    • Game mode selection menu →  Training.


  • Added authentic weapon models:
    • FNAB-43
    • Springfield M1903 Air Service
    • Mannlicher M1895 rifle
    • PIAT rocket launcher
    • РМ 38 mortar
    • Ross rifle


  • Fixed armor display in tank description
  • Fixed airplane icon with broken propeller


  • Improved AI-soldier behavior:
    • AI is is more focused on not blocking a player’s view
    • Fixed some sticking of AI-soldiers on stairs
    • Fixed a bug causing AI-soldiers not being able to open low gates
    • Now AI-soldiers tend to pass the player using better navigation curves so as not to create a ‘crowd’
    • Aim accuracy of AI-soldiers now depends more on the distance, making them more dangerous at lower ranges (less than 25 meters) and less dangerous at long range shooting (above 50 meters)

Graphics and Animations

  • Added water quality setting
  • Vertical Sync setting now also works in windowed mode
  • Added flash of light when a grenade or dynamite pack explodes
  • Improved hair rendering
  • Improved reflection quality from mirroring surfaces
  • Lowered SSAO artifacts
  • Optimised water rendering performance
  • Fixed posture of Sturmpistole handling

Other Improvements

  • Now soldiers in the Academy are grouped by types, not classes.
  • Now in the squad selection window, reserve squads are hidden if you do not have them.
  • Changed character acceleration and deceleration model. Now movement feels more natural. 
  • Improved campaign progress display after it reaches maximum. 
  • Improved upgrade levels display in the weapon description. 
  • Improved climbing on angled surfaces. 
  • Clicking on an unavailable slot in the soldier inventory now opens the improvements menu to unlock it. 
  • Xbox Controller  — “LB” button is now default for launching rockets from aircraft.
  • Xbox Controller — “D-pad Up” and “D-pad Down” are default for aircraft flap control.
  • Xbox Controller — holding the "B” button is now the default for gear control. 
  • Sprinting and jumping now consumes less stamina.
  • Artillery strike timer is now also visible in Lone Fighters mode.
  • “Improved Reflections” setting now also affects reflections in water. 
  • Movement speed while leaning is now the same as in the aiming mode. 
  • Now there will be more blood visible on wounded soldiers. 
  • Increased icon sizes of control keys with hints in tutorial mode. 
  • Improved debriefing screen template. 
  • Added border highlighting for the squad slot where you can put the selected squad. 
  • Increased velocity of Panzerwurfkorper 42 grenade for Sturmpistole


  • Fixed a bug causing a player to lose control of the tank cannon if there were other players in the same tank. 
  • Fixed a bug where a player could not aim horizontally from a mounted weapon while prone.
  • Mortar model is now correctly placed on the soldier's back. 
  • A message about a broken turret drive will now be correctly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug causing the camera to shake too much when sprinting and aiming at low stamina levels. 
  • Fixed a bug allowing mounting of a stationary machine gun.
  • Fixed a bug making vehicles explode after exiting them.
  • Fixed a bug where upon hitting a soldier that was controlling an anti-aircraft gun, there was no damage.
  • Now the correct sounds are used with the MG42 tank machine gun.
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