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Welcome, commanders! In this minor update, we have improved the mechanics of bipod placement and their effectiveness.

AI soldiers have also become much smarter! They react faster to danger, take cover when wounded, have learned to strafe while shooting, choose cover more intelligently, and act more realistically in general.

Tankers can now repair the internal modules of their vehicles without leaving them; while gunners and commanders (as well as soldiers using engineering guns) can now see realistic distortion effects in their sights.

While you’re reading the full list of improvements, we’re already preparing for the upcoming major update.

Weapons and soldiers

  • Added an additional slot for premium squads. This slot is optional and can be left empty.
  • Improvements for bipods: weapons are now more stable and move more smoothly. Corrected angles of positioning on window sills.
  • The camera position has been changed for the STEN submachine guns (Mk II, Mk III, Mk II(S), Austen Mk 1), now the camera is located further from the rear sight.
  • Fixed the discrepancy between the recoil parameters  of the M2 Hyde and other submachine gun class weapons, the recoil pattern is now more predictable and controllable.
  • The perk point modifiers for the squad’s soldier type are now visible on the research screen, without having to open the squad details window.
  • Erma EMP with suppressor moved from BR 3 to BR 2.
  • Adjusted the aiming angles of the engineer's machine guns.
  • Added an appearance set for the Soviet event engineer squad on the "Battle of Berlin" maps.
  • Added additional appearance options for German and Soviet medics.
  • Added a unique appearance set for the Fedorov MG squad in each campaign.
  • Fixed the default appearance set of the Japanese premium tanker squad with Chi-He.
  • The one-piece torso appearance options in the Pacific War campaign for the US were divided into two, torso and legs.


  • Added the ability to repair certain parts of the tank from the inside.
  • Added distortion effect for tank optics and engineer’s guns.
  • Added the effect of mixing different soil types when a vehicle passes through them.
  • Attached the commander’s hands to the anti-air machine guns on the turret of tanks.
  • Fixed a bug where the damaged parts of vehicles with decals and camouflages could incorrectly turn to the default color.
  • SOC-1 - fixed a bug that caused the turret machine gun to be disproportionately small compared to the fuselage of the airplane.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the entire squad to leave the vehicle when the player died in the gunner's seat in certain APCs.


  • Returned the missing selected event header on the custom matches window.
  • Updated the design of all buttons.
  • Added a tooltip for research points.
  • Added a tooltip for upgrade items.
  • Changed the tooltip of the button for disabling notifications.
  • Fixed a bug with overlapping UI onn the custom matches window.
  • Fixed how armies are displayed when selecting an event on the custom games window.
  • You can no longer cancel your combat readiness in a squad if the group leader has started searching for a match.


  • Added Dynamic Resolution setting for DX12.
  • Added a new Ultra option to the Reflection Quality setting for DX12.
  • Added DLSS Frame Generation support for DX12.
  • Optimized the rendering of shadows in battle.
  • Improved the burning effects on soldiers.
  • Improved the tracers of tank shells - the tracer does not appear immediately when leaving the barrel, but gradually appears over time.

AI soldiers

Lots of improvements for AI soldiers.

  • Improved reaction time. AI soldiers turn and look around more naturally. At close range, when the enemy is targeting them, AI soldiers return fire less accurately.
  • Improved navigation. AI soldiers will no longer run to a distant cover when attacking a nearby target.
  • New tactical maneuvers. AI soldiers have learned to strafe while shooting, crawl to a safe place to heal.
  • AI commanders will now build rally points in more locations on all maps.

Locations and missions

  • Improved buildings and trenches on the "Battle of Moscow" locations visually and gameplay-wise.
  • Added a new mission "Munda Point (Conquest)".
  • Added new missions "Dominant Height "(Confrontation) and "Werbig Station" (Invasion).
  • Improved the placement of certain ground vehicle spawn points in the "The Voskhod settlement East (Invasion)", "Birch Grove West (Invasion)", "Vysokovo Village West (Invasion)", "Omer North (Invasion)" and "Gavutu South (Destruction)" missions.
  • Improved the placement of certain ground vehicle spawn points and battle areas in the "Königsplatz West (Invasion)", "Fortress West (Invasion)" and "River crossing North (Invasion)" missions.


  • Added requirement to restart the client when changing graphics preset.
  • Fixed a bug related to the squad purchase window when the Safe Zone of the screen was set to 90%. 

Other improvements

  • Fixed a bug where players could get into battle with a battle rating higher than the other players.
  • Fixed an issue with burned bodies when joining a battle that has already started. 
  • Fixed names of certain items in equipment presets.
  • System messages in the main menu have been moved to the bottom of the screen.
  • In replays, weapons in first-person view move more smoothly.
  • Made preparations for future updates.
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