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Core current tasks

Enlisted now has two large campaigns! We are still adding new content to the Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns as well as working on improving the game in general, including following the suggestions and discussions of the CBT players. 

We have studied your feedback on the launch of Normandy campaign and here are the priority tasks for now: 

AI improvement

We continue to focus on developing our AI soldiers behavior, as per the previous devblog. You can already use extended commands to affect your squad formation. AI soldiers also already react better to the ongoing events in battle. 

Currently we are balancing the longer distance behavior of our AI and making them behave more realistically. Overall, they will have a harder time hitting you from afar, especially if there is something masking you. 

Soldier progression system

We are also currently working on a big update in the progression and specialization system of your squads and soldiers. We will introduce new ways to obtain rewards and to be able to customize your squads. Some improvements will lower the random factors and give you more control of progression. 

We explain more about the topic in a separate devblog on the metagame of Enlisted.


We are temporarily switching off “the swamp location” to rebalance and improve it and remove zones where AI soldiers had significant unfair advantage in the swamp’s foliage. 

We will also be working on balancing weapon damage and tuning up flamethrowers. 

We have already released some of the bug fixes and improvements based on your first day of feedback. Like detaching from a stationary machine gun, camera sticking, soldiers movement physics, troops and supply logistic orders. All orders lost were returned to the owners!

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