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What's new on YouTube: #4

In this new digest, we continue to bring you the most interesting reviews, news, guides and other videos dedicated to our game.

Do you upload interesting content to YouTube? We'll find you.

Grenade guide by ParaDivision

ParaDivison will show you all the grenade types featured in Enlisted. The video also includes useful tactics and tips, so it will be helpful not only for beginners but also for experienced players.

And remember: "Once the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend."

Mythbusters by Jan Slavik

An old, but quite popular video among the gamers, edited in the style of "MythBusters".

The creator has done his best. In the first episode, you will find out if you can survive under a moving tank, if it is possible to blow up a grenade in the enemy's hand by shooting it and much more!

We truly hope to see more high-quality videos like this dedicated to our game!

I’m a surgeon by FACE_TAC

Medic is a pretty respectable class that helps teammates get back into the fight on the battlefield. But we rarely see them used in combat. Why is that? 

We'd like to hear more from you about how we can improve this class. Feel free to post your ideas on the forum.

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