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Flaming rain

The battlefields in the Pacific were never easy for either side, but in those battles Japan skillfully took advantage of the terrain - dense jungles, rocky caves, man-made tunnels and other fortifications, from which driving out the defenders meant losing men, time, and resources.

And since it was more than 30 years before the signing of The United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, liquid fire fell from the sky on the heads of the entrenched enemy.

Drop tanks

This is a new type of aviation weapon - external fuel tanks, that the pilot can drop from the aircraft at will, just like ordinary bombs.

Upon hitting the ground, the tank breaks and bursts into fire, spraying aviation fuel for dozens of meters. This is not napalm yet - in those years the US was just experimenting with its use - but kerosene also burns perfectly well and sets fire to any surface: it's better not to be in the epicenter of the unleashed hell.

These new weapons will appear on fighters that will debut in the Pacific War campaign with the next major update and will be available to purchase for Gold. After the progression update, they will be available for the US and Japan.


318th Fighter Group, 19th Fighter Squadron

American designers' bold answer to the Imperial fighters. The six 12.7mm machine guns will tear any air targets to shreds, and against infantry, not only two HVAR launches but also a suspended fuel tank will help.


23rd Air Flotilla, 3rd Air Group

The second most mass-produced modification of the Zero fighter with a pair of 20mm cannons and 7.7mm machine guns. In addition to the drop tank, it also has two suspended 60kg high-explosive bombs!

As usual, you will be able to get a pair of vehicles with this new mechanic in an upcoming Reinforcements received event. The first round will start in just a few days after the major update is released.

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