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Pre-order: “Jungle Hunters” sniper squads

The major update for Enlisted is approaching, in which we have prepared a lot of new features and improvements for you. And it's better to examine them through a sniper scope.

A welcome addition to the lineup of premium squads in the Pacific War campaign, the sniper squads, stealthy and dangerous troops in any battle!

Allies — 9th Infantry Division, 2/4th Commando Squadron with Enfield P14 (T)

An Australian commando squad — judging by their uniforms, real hunters, up for the fight against the enemy! The fighters are armed with the powerful British Enfield P14 rifles with telescopic sights.

Axis — 55th Infantry Division, 114th Infantry Regiment with Type 99 sniper rifle (long)

The camouflage uniform for the Japanese squad soldiers will allow them to blend in with any terrain!  The scope mounted on the left side allowed them to keep loading their Type 99 rifles with stripper clips.

Each of the new squads has an engineer (also armed with a sniper rifle) capable of building most of the structures available in the game, such as anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns — just in case the target is high in the sky or armored.


Pre-order Bundle

Become a pre-order owner before the update’s release to receive special pre-order bonuses such as the Australian sniper portrait and Aim nickname decorator. If you're playing Enlisted on console, you can get these bonuses by purchasing the Jungle Hunters Bundle within 14 days of the update’s release.

Pre-order bonus: Australian sniper portrait

Pre-order bonus: Aim nickname decorator

Please note that after the major update, squads will be available for purchase individually without the pre-order discount. Also, after the progression system change these new squads will no longer be tied to campaigns and will be available for the US and Japan.

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