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Capturing New Georgia!

In an upcoming major update, get ready for a huge new landing, commanders. You'll be landed on the volcanic island of New Georgia, from the Solomon Islands archipelago.

From June to October 1943, a large-scale military operation to capture an important Japanese military base took place here and on nearby islands.

Japan effectively controlled the Allied communication and supply lines between the South Pacific and the Solomon Islands from this base. Simply laying siege to it was not enough - the entire island was destined to become a participant in the brutal reality of war.

There are unique battle sites and landmarks all over the island. They include field camps, from which the Allies started the invasion, Japanese forts, already quite shabby by shelling and fire damage, a large airfield to interfere with the American fleet, and even caves, turned into catacombs and arsenals for long defense during the siege.

Here and there you will meet the consequences of the long-standing war - grounded ships, H8K flying boats not reaching the base and many other objects, thanks to which everyone will immediately know that this is New Georgia.

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