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What's new on YouTube: #2

We have an idea! We'll help you pass the time without Enlisted with videos about Enlisted. In this new digest we'll collect the most interesting reviews, news, guides and other videos dedicated to our game.

Do you upload interesting content to YouTube? We'll find you.

ONE-ON-ONE by MajorMcDonalds

Ever wanted to fight a friend and find out who is the boss of this game? Now you can!

Thanks to our diligent modders, you have the opportunity to challenge any player in Enlisted to a 1v1 battle. And MajorMcDonalds was the first to record a video of such a tense confrontation.

the custom map made by Forlorn_Squad

a different custom map by schyrikami


Enlisted is famous for its diversity, not only in class, but also in weapons.

FACE_TAC made an excellent video that demonstrates a variety of calibers in our game, from 6.35mm pistols to a ship’s 127mm cannon!

Do you want to try all this stuff by yourself? Launch the mods editor! Speaking of editor…


Remember that we talked about calibers? Napoleon Total will help you try them out!

In his video, he will take you into the world of modding, and tell you about things like launching the editor, creating your own scene, and spawning weapons that you can only fire in the editor.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create masterpieces. But how cool it is when experienced players make modding way more easier!

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