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Levels in the renewed Enlisted

Greetings, commanders! We keep working on the major Enlisted update and now we are ready to present you the planned levels of weapons and vehicles.

The levels show the order of progression for each country, as well as the position of the weapons in them, which determines their balance value. Matchmaking will try to assemble battles from players with weapons close in level if there are enough people in the queue. We talked more about the new progression in a separate blog.

Planned levels

Here are the preliminary tables which could still change based on your feedback and suggestions. 

Weapons will be divided into 10 ranks. Progression will be horizontal. We took your feedback into account and added balance values to equipment: grenades, mines, and even pouches. We also have plans to expand these trees. Firstly, where they lack density and competitiveness, such as in Japan.

Open Table

We'll be collecting your feedback and suggestions in the comments. Here are some tips to help increase the chance that your idea will be accepted:

  • Try to justify your suggestion in detail and with examples.
  • Don't suggest a dozen or so changes, just concentrate on one or two.
  • Take a broader view! You're game designers now, and you need to create good balance throughout the game, not just for your personal favorite weapon. :)
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