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Making Enlisted a Better Place №36

Our series "Making Enlisted a Better Place" is changing! From now on it will be a weekly column. The concept remains the same — we will correct smaller, but noticeable bugs and add new interesting features.

Improving the stationary machine guns

We noticed that compared to the powerful large-caliber machine guns, regular machine gun nests became less likely to be built and used.

To make them more effective in combat, we'll make them 35% faster to build and increase their horizontal aiming angles by 25%. Surprise the enemy with a machine gun in the most unexpected place!

Task progress during combat

See which way and how many enemies you have left to kill to receive your reward, while holding on to your favorite rifle! You can now track the progress of most tasks in combat again — just open the minimap, and you'll find your current tasks in the list on the right.

Note that if you left a battle before it was over,  the progress you made on tasks will only be counted when the battle is over. 

Keep flying

Paratroopers are a really cool class, but in some cases they were too cool. After all, they weren't affected by the spawn penalty if the previous squad died too quickly.

All squads have this, and now these guys are no exception — we've fixed it.

Look around!

If you use the commander's hatch to monitor your surroundings frequently, you have probably noticed that the gunner tends to turn the turret in the direction of the commander's view even when the free look button is pressed.

Now the turret in free view mode does not rotate to follow the player's view — only the commander's machine gun, if the vehicle has one.


  • AI-soldiers now know how to fight from behind cover.
  • AI-soldiers now do not set crates in the air on points with complex terrain.
  • Improved the distribution of AI-soldiers in cover around the leader.
  • Reduced the time for AI-soldiers to detect enemies on the flank and behind.
  • Corrected control scheme for gamepad in main menu.
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip about personal weapons in tanks.
  • Fixed a bug, which caused the commander to shoot from inside the tank with his personal weapon.
  • Fixed rare graphical artifacts in some aircraft cockpits on Xbox One. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the pilot's neck to be visible in free view mode while using Bf 109 planes.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when launching the mod editor.
  • Fixed microfreezes that occurred on the "Progress" screen while searching for a game session.
  • Fixed a bug with the client's performance, which occurred when setting incompatible graphical parameters in the game configuration files.
  • Fixed a bug, which caused the hitmarker to be displayed when shooting from a tank at a tank.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!

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