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Changes and Improvements

  • Added Nvidia Reflex support.
  • The aircraft pilot now suffers from maneuvering overload.
  • The tank cannon now looks equal to both the gunner and commander. 
  • Added penetration analyzer for anti-tank cannons built by an engineer. 
  • Improved sound of hard braking wheels. 
  • Practice button removed from drop-down menu since it is one of the selectable game modes. 
  • Now in the soldier management window you see the soldier actually selected in the menu. 
  • Smoke effect now renders faster. 
  • Improved lightning in soldier cards. 


  • ZB-26 — weapon model changed to authentic one.
  • Kar 98k — clip loading time lowered from 3.4 to 3.1 seconds.
  • Gewehr 33/40 — clip loading time lowered from  3.2 to 2.9 seconds.
  • MG 13 — weapon model changed to authentic one, loading time lowered from  5 to 3.1 seconds.
  • Empty cartridges models changed for all weapons.
  • Significantly lowered recoil when shooting proning from machine guns with bipods. 
  • Scope magnification increased to compensate for wide view field settings. 
  • Lowered magnification when in targeting mode with iron-sight weapons. 
  • Now butt-stock hits have a concussion effect. 
  • Added hand moving animation when throwing grenades in grenade throwing mode to make targeting easier.
  • Now the flamethrower hit of the new ‘molotov cocktail’ adds burning time to already burning flames. 

AI-soldiers Improvements

  • Improved strategic zone seeking for AI soldiers. Also they spread more evenly within the zones while capturing. 
  • Now AI-soldiers try not to cross your line of targeting whilst moving. 
  • AI-soldiers now consider jumping when planning their movement path. Improved their interaction with small obstacles. 
  • Improved AI-soldier behavior when opening windows and doors. They will not open them if they do not need to go through them. 
  • Improved order following for AI-soldiers, lowered the possibility of the stop of executing current orders. 
  • AI-soldiers do not see through smoke grenades anymore.


  • Fixed the possibility to build through a wall by an engineer. 
  • Fixed broken animation when building from a greater distance. 
  • Fixed bug when enemy footstep sound was played when standing at stationary machine gun. 
  • Fixed diagonal ladder climbing, improved climbing on close obstacles. 
  • Fixed wrong hinting in HUD while in combat.
  • Fixed ammunition count when restocking from ammunition crate. 
  • Fixed bug causing shadows from buildings to disappear. 
  • Fixed rare bug causing healing animation of AI-soldier to loop. 
  • Fixed viewing angles when seeing and identifying planes. We remind you that the soldier first discovers the plane and marks it grey and later can identify it as friend or foe. Soldiers can detect planes over a larger distance if in direct sight or lower distance if in peripheral view. 
  • Fixed bug causing some AI-soldiers to get stuck in doors and near some fences. 
  • Fixed bug with wrong rendering soldiers with balaclava and headwear in management menu.
  • Removed noise from Ambient Occlusion.
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