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Beginning of Stug III production

In June 1936, full-scale development of WWII's most recognizable assault gun, the Stug III, began.

Before the war began, the German command saw no great need for assault guns — self-propelled artillery operating in the first line. Moreover, the military doctrine of Germany in the mid-1930s had not yet reached its final form, and such designs in their finished stages did not yet exist in any nation. Nevertheless, Erich von Manstein, a strategist in armored warfare who played key roles in the German blitzkrieg victories, was able to convince generals that vehicles with thick frontal armor and a powerful cannon mounted on the chassis would provide excellent support to attacking infantry divisions and allow the "freeing up" of armored forces. 

After the German invasion of France in 1940, this strategy proved its effectiveness, and the Stug III series received the highest marks from their crews. This success prompted Italy and Hungary to develop their own assault guns. Most other countries, however, appreciated the effectiveness of these new vehicles only after facing them in combat. 

From 15th June (13:00 UTC) to 19th June (13:00 UTC), you will receive 30% off premium squads for Gold with the Stug III self-propelled assault gun, such as:

  • 21st Tank Regiment with Stug III A in the Battle of Moscow campaign;
  • 17th Tank Battalion with Stug III G in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
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