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Incoming update sale!

Commanders, since the upcoming major update will involve a massive redesign of the progression system, we will also be significantly changing our premium squad lineup. We have already removed the bundles, and are now optimizing the offer so that it does not contain a large number of squads with weapons that will duplicate those already presented in the progression lines.

These squads will be removed from the store with the next major update. We may return them for memorable and themed dates.

50% off from 20th June (13:00 UTC) to 27th June (13:00 UTC)


Battle of Tunisia campaign

In-game discounts

Battle of Tunisia campaign

  • The 132nd Infantry Brigade with the Flamethrower Portable No.2 Mk1
  • The 1st Group of Moroccan Auxiliaries with the Berthier M16 Carbine 
  • The 8th Bersaglieri Regiment with the FNAB-43
  • The 35th Infantry Regiment "Pistoia" with the Beretta M31
  • The 7th Panzer Regiment with the Pz 3 N
  • The 1st Company Giaguru with the Lanciaflamme Mod.35
  • The XIV Tank Battalion "M" with the M13/40 (III)
  • 85th Fighter Squadron with P-40E-1
  • 293rd Fighter Squadron with Re.2001 CN

Battle of Moscow campaign 

  • The 195th Infantry Regiment with the Beretta M1918
  • III./ JG 51 with the BF 109 F-2
  • The 206th Engineer Battalion with the M/28 rifle 
  • The 11th Panzer Regiment with a Pz.IV E with HEAT shells
  • The 521st Fighter Aviation Regiment with the LaGG-3-34
  • The 8th Tank Battalion with the M-3 Medium 
  • The 27th Fighter Aviation Regiment with the I-16 Type 24
  • The 359th Infantry Regiment with the AKT-40 

Battle of Berlin campaign

  • The 95th Tank Brigade with the M4A2 (76) W
  • The 106th Mixed Tank Regiment "Clausewitz" with the MG-45
  • The 1st Volkssturm Company with the Lebel 1886 M93

Battle of Stalingrad campaign

  • The 558th Night Light Bomber Aviation Regiment with the U-2

Pacific war campaign

  • No.5 Squadron with Boomerang Mk II
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