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Large Update

In this update we have worked on an improved interface, fixed many bugs,  added two new missions (please share your feedback on them here) and Engineers can now also build anti-tank guns. Most of those updates were implemented according to your feedback.

Here is the full change log

New weapons

  • Engineer constructions
    • Anti-tank gun Pak 38 (Germany)
    • Anti-tank gun 53K (USSR)
  • Added authentic models for following weapons
    • Mosin rifle mod.1891/30
    • Pre-war Kar98k.
    • Shotgun TOZ-B.
    • Gewehr 33/40.
    • MP 28.
    • Flamethrower ROKS-2


  • Added new mission Monastery (Invasion).
  • Added new mission Monastery (Conquest).
  • Missions variants in the Invasion game mode where USSR attacks have been added.
  • Balance in the mission Vysokovo Village (Invasion) has been adjusted: in the squads game mode, the time to capture points has been increased; in the Lone fighters game mode, the time to capture points has been reduced.
  • Additional weather options in missions have been added.

Weapons and Equipment

  • MP 28 — magazine capacity now 20 rounds; default number of magazines in inventory increased from 5 to 7.
  • Improved animation of shooting and reloading Mosin rifle 1891.
  • Improved animation of shooting and reloading PPD 34/38 with box magazine.
  • Improved animation of shooting and reloading PPD 34/38 with drum magazine.
  • Improved animation of shooting and reloading PPD 40.
  • Machine guns and automatic cannons in vehicles are now loaded with belts and magazines and need time to reload.
  • Summer tank camo replaced with winter camo. 
  • Changed camo for interceptor Bf-109 F1.
  • Camo for engineer constructions changed from summer to winter style.

Gameplay and Soldiers

  • The amount of experience in the Lone Fighters game mode has been increased,
  • Added resources, spent in construction by engineers. Now you can build all available objects in one respawn only if you have several engineers in the squad. 
  • Added animation for resupply container, built by an engineer. If there is no ammo left in it - it closes. 
  • You will now get experience for aiding a heavily wounded soldier of another squad. 
  • Players will not be able to occupy a seat in a vehicle if it is already occupied by an AI soldier of another player. With the exception of players playing in one group. 
  • AI-soldiers will stop changing posture too often whilst shooting. 
  • Improved AI behavior when close to burning objects and fire. 
  • AI soldiers will now note player enemy marks and attack spotted enemies in that direction. 
  • Improved AI soldier navigation. 
  • The heavier the weapon, the greater its impact on stamina.
  • Now, when aiming at an ally’s mobile spawn point, it will be indicated as an allied construction, as with allied vehicles. 
  • Flamethrower burning fuel or the ‘Molotov cocktail’ now can break a tank engine if it gets in. 
  • Untrained tankers will now aim separately in the horizontal and vertical axis.
  • Improved targeting skills of a tank gun ability has been added. It enables the cannon to be guided horizontally and vertically simultaneously.
  • Improved animation of commander, looking out from a hatch. 
  • Added pilot head movement inertia. 
  • Changed pilot angle of view.


  • Zone capture progress now changed from a numerical to a graphical indication. 
  • Now you can now remove equipped items by dragging them to any empty warehouse space. 
  • Long squads names now correctly display on the card. 
  • Animation added for the New level notification in the soldier cards in the debriefing menu.
  • Mouse click on the scope in the weapon menu dismantles the scope from the weapon.
  • Armored vehicles and aircraft in the hangar now sorted in order of the possibility of getting them..
  • Vehicle controls menu now located in a separate tab. 
  • A button has been added to the vehicle menu, forwarding to the respective level of campaign.
  • The first squad selected after loading into a battle will be the squad selected in the menu before entering combat. 
  • An object’s destruction possibility tip (J button by default) now has the name of the object.
  • Temporary unavailable rally point now turns grey on the minimap.
  • Seats in vehicles now have statuses (free/occupied) and player nicknames, or AI soldier names on them. Numbers added to facilitate switching from seat to seat.


  • Sound added for cancelling Academy training.
  • Gun and turret reload sounds have been added.
  • Aircraft sounds heard from distance have been reworked
  • Bullet passing-by sounds are now heard better in intense combat.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • A bug that wouldn't allow soldiers to receive experience for defending capture zones has been fixed (when killing enemies who are on or near an allied pont).
  • A bug which would show the mist from the main menu in battle for some time after the battle begins has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed with the incorrect highlighting of a soldier..
  • Fixed a bug where the capture indicator could be highlighted after changing a soldier.
  • Fixed a bug where the flamethrower effect wasn’t interrupted by a fast grenade throw.
  • Fixed the visibility of the haze effect when using scopes.
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of effects underwater.
  • Fixed a bug when the M30 Luftwaffe Drilling was picked up instead of TOZ-B.
  • A bug that after reconnecting to a battle an engineer could not create buildings has been fixed.
  • Errors in the texture of the I-153 fighter have been fixed
  • Animation of hands whilst using stairs has been fixed.
  • Fixed soldier jerking movement when colliding with a door.
  • Fixed accrual of experience to players who marked vehicles if it was subsequently destroyed by another player.
  • Fixed freezing of sounds on repairing and extinguishing vehicles.
  • Positioning of capture zone icons has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where buildings outside the combat zone could not be destroyed.
  • A bug where it’s impossible to close the help window at the beginning of battle has been fixed.
  • Canceling the selected spawn point, which occurred in some cases has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where destruction of a nearby object also destroyed the stationary machine gun.
  • A bug that allowed spawning at a destroyed rally point has been fixed. 
  • A bug where some artifacts were displayed in the sky when using TAA anti-aliasing has been fixed.


  • Performance has been Improved.
  • Rendering effects have been optimized.
  • Reflections have been Improved.
  • Improved character movement on uneven surfaces.
  • Checking the visibility of static objects in shadows has been accelerated.
  • V-sync cannot be enabled for Window and Fullscreen window modes. V-sync is available only for Fullscreen mode.
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