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Airborne forces - major update

Meet the first major update of 2023! Enlisted now has a new class, the paratroopers! These elite fighters are trained to handle any infantry weapons, can jump from a transport aircraft to any point in the battle, and with them a supply box is dropped from which the squad can take the most powerful weapons! With the release of the update, the first soldiers of this class can be purchased in the store or obtained from the new Reinforcements received event. In the future, there will be new squads for different campaigns.

With the new Presets mechanic, you can save several different equipment options for your soldiers, and then in a couple of clicks switch between them, trying new tactics and not losing lovingly assembled familiar sets. You can even change up the squads of your army — and then just as easily go back to the previous options. 

The game now has custom home screens. Tired of the mysterious fog? Replace it with one of the many player-created screens. These can be parts of locations represented in the game, or even places created from scratch by the players. And it's easy to install! Check out

This update brings many other nice improvements to Enlisted. These include bug fixes, improvements to the replay mechanics, refined camera positioning on some weapons, engineers' anti-aircraft guns unique to different countries, and much more.

Weaponry and Soldiers

  • Added squad presets functionality.
  • Added weapons and equipment presets functionality.
  • Adjusted the angle of submachine guns, rifles and machine guns in first-person view, which allows for a better view of the weapon details.
  • Added a backpack slot research for premium squads that is unlocked by default, which can be changed to a secondary weapon slot.
  • The anti-aircraft guns built by engineers were replaced with those of the respective countries: Flak-38 (Germany, Italy), Type 98 (Japan), 72-K (USSR), and Polsten (USA, Britain).
  • Paratrooper uniforms were issued to the following Axis landing units in the Invasion of Normandy campaign:
    • 46th Jaeger Regiment, 16th Air Field Division;
    • 6th Parachute Regiment, 2nd Parachute Division;
    • 5th Engineer Battalion, 5th Parachute Division;
    • 3rd Mortar Battalion, 3rd Parachute Division;
    • 25th Parachute Regiment, 9th Parachute Division;
    • 27th Parachute Regiment, 9th Parachute Division. 
  • The appearance of soldiers of the 260th Infantry Regiment, 113th Infantry Division, for the Axis side in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign has been adjusted.
  • The sight and textures of the GrB 39 have been updated, changing the zeroing distance is now possible.
  • Added an upgrade to the flamethrower squads of the Battle of Moscow and Battle of Berlin campaigns, allowing engineers to build Ampulomets.
  • Added new Pacific war campaign levels with weapons: M2 Carbine and Type 4 rifle.
  • Added new weapons for premium paratrooper squads: Krieghoff FG and M1928A1 Thompson with a 100-round magazine.
  • The MP40/1 now has the same damage as the MP 40.
  • Reduced the Beretta M31's reload time from 3.2 to 2.8 seconds.
  • Corrected the weight on several rifle's stat cards.
  • Adjusted the weight of multiple weapons in the Pacific war campaign.


  • Added new levels of vehicles to the Pacific war campaign: AP-1 and B5N2 planes, M8 Scott and Ho-I tanks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the amphibious Ka-Mi tank to not be able to reverse in water.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made players see only the tracks of the destroyed tank, and not the armored vehicle itself.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to shoot smoke from tanks on a gamepad in some cases.
  • Mosquito FB.Mk.VI — corrected position of pilot's head toward sight.
  • SOC-1 — fixed a bug which caused unnatural twisting of the hand on the control stick.
  • HS-123A-1 — fixed a bug which caused the pilot's hands not to touch the manual controls.
  • Su-2 — fixed a bug which could make a gunner hang out of the airplane hull.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the player to see an incorrect cockpit position right after respawn.
  • Added a new stabilization mechanism for tanks which historically had stabilizer or shoulder rests. The list of tanks in which stabilizer or shoulder rest will be available:
    • LVT(A)(1)
    • M24
    • M2A4
    • M4A1 (76) W 
    • M4A2 
    • M4A3E2 “Jumbo”
    • M3 Stuart
    • M3 Stuart Flame
    • M5A1 Stuart
    • M8 “Greyhound”
    • Calliope
    • Ka-Mi
    • Ka-Chi
    • Ke-Ni
    • Ha-Go
    • Chi-Ha
    • Chi-Ha Kai
    • A13 Mk.ll
    • Churchill III
    • Crusader
    • Daimler Mk.II
    • Matilda
    • Mk I “Grant”
    • Sherman II
    • M-3 Medium (Lend-Lease)
    • Valentine (Lend-Lease)
    • M4A2 (76) W (Lend-Lease)
    • Pz. II C
    • Pz.38(t) F

AI soldiers

  • Fixed a bug that caused AI soldiers to step into flames burning on the map by default and catch fire.
  • AI soldiers no longer use flamethrowers at extra-long range.
  • AI soldiers are now more accurate at throwing grenades.
  • AI soldiers now look around more naturally.
  • AI soldiers have learned how to get out of hard-to-reach places and are now less prone to getting stuck.
  • AI soldiers can now see fast-moving enemies better.
  • AI soldiers are no longer able to immediately spot enemies behind their backs or on their flanks.


  • Fixed a bug with charging: now if the player tries to crouch during the charge with a cold weapon, the animation will be interrupted.
  • Fixed the inability to use a stationary machine gun when there is a grenade nearby that can be thrown back.
  • Fixed a bug when switching contact list tabs with a gamepad.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to select barbed wire in the construction menu on the gamepad.

Animations and Sounds

  • Fixed the shooting sound of the Italian Breda Mod. 38.
  • Synchronized reloading sounds for a number of weapons.
  • Added an option in the settings to disable the "ticking" sound during point capture. 
  • Updated the reverb effect outdoors and indoors.
  • Added sound effects of wind in ears when falling and wind with fabric fluttering when flying with a parachute open.
  • Added new sound effects for anti-aircraft projectile explosions in the sky.
  • Updated the sound effects of the FP-3's engine.
  • Updated the fire sound effects for fireplaces in houses were updated.

Visual effects

  • Contrail effects of planes were updated.
  • Updated water effects while swimming.
  • The flash effect from a light firearm shot has been made more obvious.

Locations and Missions

  • New location: Steel Plant in the Battle of Normandy campaign.
  • Added new missions: Steel Mill North (Invasion), Steel Mill South (Invasion), Power plant (Invasion) in the Battle of Normandy campaign.
  • A new weather variation was added in the Battle of Normandy campaign: rain with thunderstorms.
  • Added a new mission: Al Har(Assault) in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Added a new mission: Alligator Creek (Conquest) in the Pacific War campaign.
  • Added a new mission: Vysokovo Village (Destruction) in the Battle of Moscow campaign.
  • Added a new mission: Ministry Garden South (Axis) in the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Added a new mission: Tractor Plant West (Destruction) in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Changed respawn point locations and capture time in Ministry Garden (Assault) mission in the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Fixed some infantry respawn points in La Perelle Village (Invasion) in the Battle of Normandy campaign.
  • Fixed some infantry respawn points in the Oasis North (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Fixed some infantry respawn points in Quarry South (Invasion) and Quarry North (Invasion) in the Battle of Moscow campaign.
  • Fixed some infantry respawn points in The Voskhod settlement (Confrontation) in the Battle of Moscow campaign.
  • Fixed some infantry and vehicles respawn points in the Omer (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Normandy campaign.
  • Increased combat zones in the Fortified district (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Moscow campaign.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the speaker in the Armored Train Escort mission to talk about capturing half of the points a point later.


  • Added a pop-up message when taking a screenshot in a replay saying that it has been saved.
  • Added more "advanced settings" to the game interface in replays.
  • Fixed incorrect display of aircraft thrust and flaps in replays.
  • Fixed a bug which caused unfinished replay to run indefinitely.
  • Added display of class icons for all teams in the post-fight statistics window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused replays to be duplicated in the list.
  • Fixed display of ally markers on the minimap in replay.
  • Replays now correctly display the progress of vehicle repair.
  • Replays now correctly display the progress of existing vehicles.
  • Fixed the camera position in replays when the player uses the sniper sights.
  • Fixed the incorrect camera behavior in replays when the player is using light vehicles placed on the map.
  • Fixed rare hang when attempting to access the replay site.
  • Clarified the warning when the player cancels the replay download.

User Modifications Editor

  • Added support for custom home screens. To install, simply place the file named hangar.blk in the folder userGameMods, located in the directory of the game. Custom screens can be found at

Other Improvements

  • Optimized CPU load.
  • Added a benchmark for GPU's performance test to the settings.
  • Added the display of vehicle resupply points in the squad selection menu.
  • Changed background color for capture point icons in the Invasion mode.
  • Now, if a player tries to move an equipment that they do not have in stock to a slot, the equipment purchase window will open.
  • The old "Auto-equip" and "Remove unnecessary equipment" buttons have been moved to equipment sets.
  • Players who did not select a respawn point will now spawn in a direction where there are not enough allies.
  • The medal for unique soldiers now has a nationality.
  • Added a Battle Hero award for the best game by several squads.
  • Added a Battle Hero award for the best game by a soldier who survived to the end of the battle.
  • Added a Battle Hero award for the destruction of the enemy while playing as a paratrooper.
  • Added a Battle Hero award for the best play of the medic and rider classes.
  • Added new Battle Hero awards for the destruction of multiple enemy infantry and vehicles in one soldier's life.
  • Vehicle repair icon is no longer displayed above allied vehicles, if the player themselves is in a vehicle.
  • Now the menu to switch between soldiers will not be displayed if only one member of the squad is left alive.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to mark an object with smoke behind it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a soldier to die when getting out of an anti-aircraft gun built on a pier.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to remain black and white if the player managed to return to the battlefield after landing a plane.
  • The display of mine icons in battle has been returned.
  • Changed the color of the kill-log's background: now the log will look good on both light and dark backgrounds.
  • Fixed a bug that would appear when trying to re-join players in a squad.
  • Fixed a bug that caused increased traffic at the beginning of the session.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to lose control of their squad.
  • Improved the harmonized mode — now it harmonizes the interface as well.
  • Fixed the display of the pointer that shows the direction of the allied player's movement on the map.
  • Position of the point capture indicator when the player is on the point is shifted closer to the center of the screen.
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