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Firestorm in Moscow and Berlin

Since the release of “Battle of Stalingrad” and “Pacific War”, many of their exclusive features, such as air strikes and phosphorus grenades, have appeared in other campaigns, but this fearsome weapon remained in the City on the Volga for an entire year. 

But it was bound to happen sooner or later. In the upcoming major update, the ampulomet will arrive in the "Battle of Moscow" and "Battle of Berlin" campaigns!

Are you afraid, Axis commanders? 

Relax. To make sure the players don’t feel left out, German engineers will be able to build trophy ampulomets in campaigns where your opponent is the USSR army. 


A worthy alternative to a stationary machine gun and especially fearsome in confined spaces. One such building can cut off an entire attack direction with far less effort on the part of the operator: after all, it’s shooting capsules with incendiary liquid that covers large areas and prevents the advance of infantry for a while. You can also set vehicles on fire: your stationary machine gun wishes it could do that!

Ampulomets can be built by engineers that have learned the corresponding skill in the squad upgrade window.

Use them well, commanders!

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