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New class: paratroopers

These trained soldiers were assigned to the most crucial and complex operations. Rear diversions, enemy defense sabotage before major operations, and simply attacks from unexpected directions. They were limited in their use only by the transport plane's fuel supply. Paratroopers!

Whenever, wherever

Enlisted will get a new class. Universal soldiers, trained to handle any infantry weapons presented and able to appear at any point of battle, landing from a plane.

You choose your own landing point. From the soldier's respawn window, paratroopers will be able to select any landing point in the combat zone, where, after confirmation, the transport plane will immediately fly to — and you are already inside. Landing will happen automatically when you reach the specified point — or you can do it at your order, unscheduled.

Each soldier in the squad is initially armed with a light assault weapon. But that's only up to a successful landing!

Along with the squad, there is a supply box dropped from the transport, where your paratroopers can grab much heavier guns, such as machine guns or anti-tank weapons. Or grab an engineering hammer that will allow you to build large-caliber stationary machine guns, for example.

Premium soldiers of the new class are already waiting for their commander in the pre-order bundle of the upcoming update. You'll also be able to get paratrooper squads in one of the upcoming events. As we told you in our diary series about the new Enlisted, new content in the game will often appear in simple events, and getting it will be noticeably easier than to level up dozens of levels.

Pre-order Bundle - Airborne

Be the first to test the new class! This bundle includes two Premium Paratroopers squads in the Invasion of Normandy campaign. 

If you purchase the bundle before the update release date, you will also receive exclusive pre-order bonuses:

Бонус предзаказа: портрет «Десантник»

Pre-order bonus: "Paratrooper" portrait

Бонус предзаказа: декоратор ника «Десант»

Pre-order bonus: "Airborne" nickname decoration

M1928A1 Thompson squad

101st Airborne Division

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

The squad that inspired the story of the "Dirty Dozen" movie. Led by Sgt. Jake McNeese, members of the squad sported Mohawks and painted their faces with Native American battle paint. They fought in the most dangerous battles of the Western Front: D-Day, the Dutch Operation, and the Battle of Ardennes. 

The reckless boys are armed with Thompson M1928A1 submachine guns with a drum magazine for a full hundred rounds!

Krieghoff FG squad

6th Parachute Division

18th Parachute Regiment

Some of the last German soldiers to be trained in parachute jumping. The 18th Parachute Regiment was formed in France in June 1944 and by August was already fighting against the Allies in Belgium and Northwestern France. 

The squad is wearing Knochensack M43 uniforms with smoky olive-green camouflage and armed with rare and expensive Krieghoff FG automatic rifles designed specifically for paratroopers.

Both of these squads can use their country's transport plane to land at your chosen point on the map.

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