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  • Cockpit for the Bf-109 F1 has been added.
  • Sights for the I-153 and HS-123 have been fixed.
  • A bug that didn’t allow the selection of a respawn point has been fixed.
  • Display of the glass/perspex in an aircraft cockpit has been fixed.
  • Shimmering of burnt down ground vehicle tracks has been fixed.


  • The number of reinforcement points for the attacking team in the mission Vysokovo Village (Invasion) has been increased.
  • Balance of the respawn points in the mission The Avangard Collective Farm (Conquest) has been improved.
  • Time to capture strategic points in the missions Vysokovo Village (Assault) and Pokrovskoe City (Assault) has been increased.
  • A bug where in the mission Vysokovo Village (Invasion) last strategic point was activated at the mission start has been fixed.
  • A bug where defenders were respawned at the strategic point during capture in the mission Vysokovo Village (Assault) has been fixed.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when a new squad was still highlighted even after it is moved to an active setup.
  • Fixed a bug where in debriefing you could see a link to Logistics even if there are no new orders.
  • Added icon to show a weapon suitable for upgrade.
  • Fixed the possibility of getting 0 parts after disassembly on some weapons.
  • The parts icon is now visible in logistics hints.
  • Changed perk addition animation.
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