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Enlisted is now in CBT!


We are pleased to announce the Closed Beta Testing of Enlisted on PC and the Xbox Series X|S new generation consoles!

Firstly we are inviting all those who supported Enlisted development by purchasing founder’s packs a while ago to the CBT. All information required to enjoy your assets is winging its way to you in your E-Mail!  

Additionally, we are inviting all participants in the recent Alpha Test - your access to the game has been extended automatically. We are really grateful to the Alpha participants for the enormous amount of help in making the game better. 

I want to join CBT too!

Even if you didn’t participate in Alpha and don’t have a founder’s pack, you can still join closed Beta right now!

Just obtain one of the Founder’s Pack in the Gaijin Store or Xbox Series X|S Game Preview and immediately get access to the Closed Beta of the game and assets from the purchased pack!

USSR Founder's Pack
Набор основателя (СССР)
The Pack Includes:
  • A premium squad from the 449th Infantry Regiment in the 144th Infantry Divisionof the Red Army for the Soviet Armed Forces in the Moscow campaign;
  • PPK-41 submachine gun (available for this squad only).
Germany Founder's Pack
Germany Founder's Pack
The Pack Includes:
  • A premium squad from the 75th Infantry Regiment in the 5th Infantry Division for the Wehrmacht forces in the Moscow campaign;
  • MP 41 submachine gun (available for this squad only).
Founder's Bundle
Founder's Bundle
The Pack Includes:
  • USSR Founder's Pack;
  • Germany Founder's Pack.

In Enlisted you control not just a single soldier, but a whole squad on the battlefield. One soldier is directly controlled by you and others are fighting at your side with artificial intelligence guiding them and following your orders.  You can switch the soldier you control on the fly. If you have a founder’s pack you’ll get one of the premium squads and unique weapons. 

The Founder’s pack contains assets for the “Battle for Moscow” campaign and will not disappear after CBT. Premium squads gain campaign progress faster and are immediately fully equipped with the pack’s weapons and well-trained soldiers. 

CBT Process

Testing at the current stage will happen in the Battle for Moscow campaign. It is one of the four currently prepared campaigns. The game servers will operate without planned breaks.

CBT Goals

Currently, our goal in CBT is to check and tune the balance of weapons, soldiers and vehicles, modes and missions, progression of squads and your soldiers in game and also to test the quality of our artificial intelligence controlled squad members and improve it.

You can report any bugs found while testing in the special forum branch.

All testing related news is also posted on the forum - so don’t miss important announcements, and good luck in battles, officers!

About the Game

Enlisted is an MMO squad based shooter for PC and the Xbox Series X|S in World War II where you play as an infantry squad leader, tank crew or an aircraft pilot. The weaponry, soldier’s uniform, appearance and capabilities of the vehicles in the game are in line with historical facts.

The Xbox Series X game will work in 4K and on the Xbox Series S – in 1440p, in both cases with a stable 60 FPS. The PC version of Enlisted also supports DLSS, meaning high visual quality.

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