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On sale: pilots of Tunisia

On the 19th of February 1943 the battle of the Kasserine Pass began, one of the most significant battles of the Tunisian campaign. The Axis forces, led by Erwin Rommel, met the Allies moving from Algeria in the Atlas Mountains in western Tunisia: they could only be crossed by a few passes, thus making the defense easier.

Due to both lack of experience on the part of US soldiers who had just arrived in Africa and poorly organized command, the Allies suffered serious losses in this battle and were forced to interrupt an active offensive on Tunisia that delayed the completion of the campaign for two months. Despite a successful attack, Rommel was unable to push back the front line and was forced to retreat under pressure from artillery and air attacks. 

In honor of the Battle of Kasserine Pass anniversary, Enlisted will include its aerial members.

New Premium Squads | +100% Experience

Premium fighter pilots from both sides with their aircrafts will be available to purchase for Gold in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.

Allies. USA. P-40E-1 — 79th Fighter Group, 85th Fighter Squadron
Allies. USA. P-40E-1 — 79th Fighter Group, 85th Fighter Squadron

Performance is a solid match for all major opponents, and six 12.7mm Browning machine guns nail both aerial targets and ground forces. Two 100-pound bombs for bigger targets completes the picture.

Axis. Italy. Re. 2001 CN — 102nd Group, 293rd Fighter Squadron
Axis. Italy. Re. 2001 CN — 102nd Group, 293rd Fighter Squadron

This aircraft is already bigger in caliber and has two 20-mm MG-151 cannons and two 12.7-mm machine guns. But the main pearl of this plane is a 250-kg bomb, which you can throw with a glance.

Also Re. 2001 CN looks very brutal due to its deep black paint.

Both pilots already have 4 rank stars and have optimal abilities:

  • +30% of the endured maximum negative overloads, +15% of the endured maximum positive overloads — allow you to endure steeper turns without losing control of the aircraft;
  • +30% angle of vision — increases detection range and visibility of markers over enemy planes;
  • +75% medpack usage speed — helps to quickly recover from minor wounds right at the controls of the plane;
  • +20% flight stamina regeneration speed — allows you to return control of the vehicle faster if even the increased stamina was not enough and the pilot began to lose consciousness.
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